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Reference Interconnects, & Reference Speaker Cable (Speaker Wire)
for your Hi Fi Audio and Home Theater system.


Reference Interconnects
We recommend Our
Yellow Label
for connections to your power amps and sub
(Jumper available for
NAD C372 amp....

We recommend our
White Label

for all other connections
including digital applications

We recommend our
Truly Balanced XLR/XLR
for all balanced interconnections.

Reference Speaker Cable
We recommend our

Gold Label Reference Speaker Cable system
for connections to your speakers

TMC Speaker Jumpers

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""Its really refreshing to have people talking about the quality of the music
 rather than the technical aspects of the sound..""

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21 Aug 09


I got my cables yesterday, and all cables are in good shape. And looking great.

Right from the box, the TMC cabel played better than my WireWorld Eclipse Gold 5.2..

So this is heaven.

Best regards

Rune K Larsen



21 Aug 09

Hi King!
I finally got to hook up the new cables I bought from you and again like last time I am so impressed with the sound and quality, thank you.
However, the speaker cables are a bit awkward with the small amp I am hooking them up to and need to be a bit longer.  I wonder whether it is possible to do an exchange and for me to pay the difference and postage to you for a 1.5 m pair with the bayoneted plugs on the amp end and normal 8mm spades on the speaker end.
Is this possible?
The 1.0m speaker wire set has only been used to test the set up for about 20 mins last night and is still as completely new.  I brought them into today to work to post off back to you.
Thanks, Simon


26 July 09

Hi King,

thanks ever so much for speedy service. Your interconnect cables have improved my listening experience immensely. I would recommend your cables to anyone. I will be upgrading to your speaker cable in the near future.

kind regards



13 Mar 09

From my experience a lot of 'bravos':
Your cables (I hooked everything up: white, yellow and speaker cables all together) are fantastic. They didn't had time to burn in and within seconds I could hear micro-informations, more precise soundstaging and, above all, rightness of timbre.

And I'm talking about my own recordings, that I know how they should sound as I was there during the concert and I edited them and mastered them.

I also had the time to listen to commercial recordings (Chesky, Deutsche Gramophon, Hungarophon) and I have to use the 'cliche' words: I've re-discovered my collection of music. I wonder what will be the result after 100h of burning in!
Some time in the future, when your cables and I will be accustomed to each other, I'd like to test your balanced cables. As I said before I do a lot of classical recordings (50 to 70 a year) and I'm in touch with a lot of professional people. If I could convince them of the superiority of your cables (especially mic and line cables) it can open you to a whole new market.
Jean-Christophe Xerri


24 Jan 09


About a year ago I bought from you yellow + white interconnents + speaker cables. I′am very happy with them,

but I have a small problem. I have a couple of 2 meter speaker cables / single wire / and I would like to try bi-wire.Can I buy from you another pair of single wire cabels or better to buy a pair of bi wire cabel. The question is: In the bi wire cabel two identical cables, or one cable for treble and another cable for the mid / bass / Please for your advice.

Thank you Jiri, Prag.

Czech republic


12 Oct 08

I've installed the yellow label IC and the gold ref speaker cable in my system.

From the moment I turned my system on a few things immediatly were obvious. The TMC cables gave a great balance, no stressed highs and no fluffy lows. This made the music come through very well, and even made some old recordings more listenable than before.

I really believe the cables are tough to beat at this price point.

King is very quick and helpful in his email responds, so that made doing business with TMC delightful.

Even when I wanted to send a set of cables back because they wern't needed anymore there were no problems, and I got a refund although it took some time since we had some problems making the transfer over this distance.

Big plus for King and TMC.


the Netherlands.


7July 08

Thanks King,

The Yellow Cables are settling in nicely - much more head room and air around instruments, as other happy customers have noted.

The big improvement I've noticed is in the bass of my venerable B&W 801s. It's much more tightly controlled - much less inclined to take over the music, but still very present. 

Having fun listening to what Bach does with the instrumental accompaniments to his cantatas.




7 July 08

Hi King! 

LOVE the cables, thank you for the brilliant customer service.  I'm no audiophile but the cables improved the clarity and crispness of my system.  I was just thinking last night how good the system sounded, love it. 

Thanks, Simon 

PS I'll leave some feedback on your site this week, I'm a bit snowed under today it being the first day back!


25 June 08

G'day King,

As much time as the extraneous living of an ordinary existence allow (about

35 hrs short of the recommended 50) to listen to the cables since they were

received these are my short observations of their characters in my system.

The Yellow Label is a more balanced cable than the White Label. The latter

moves it's energy spectrum slightly higher in the frequency range giving an

impression of better resolution and a more articulate bass but the down side

is it's thinner sounding, slightly on the bright side and less warmth. The

Yellow Label is slightly closer to neutral. The Gold Reference retains much

of the characters of the interconnects but loses a degree of transparency. 
(King: a bit more burn in will do the trick...)

With all three cables in my system the sound stage is massive and forward.

It's somewhere between a 'second row' and 'the performers are sitting on my

lap' presentation. Pace and rhythm is excellent and details is very good,

especially on the interconnects. However I'd still like a bit more warmth.

The biggest benefits are better transparency (the presentation is more physically palpable),

focus (moves the performers back to just in front of the speakers), better image depth and

more bass weight. The downside is some bass colourations with less speed and


Tomorrow I'll experiment with two Yellow Labels and the Gold Reference.





25 June 08

Hi King,

I received the Gold Reference speaker cables last Friday and have already done a fair bit of the burning in (about 25 hours). My system is bi-amped and I have put the Gold Reference cables on the top. Previously I have been using Straight Wire Maestros. The Gold Reference cables are significantly more detailed with better imaging and have maintained the sweetness of my system. My equipment includes: Infinity Renaissance 4 way speakers with the bass amped by Threshold stasis 7 Class A 100 w and VTL 100 w tube mono blocks on the top, Marantz SA11A SACD player and Audio Electronic Supply pre-amp (by Carey). 

Best regards 

Nigel Britton

Perth, Western Australia


25 June 08

Hi King,

I am writing to say that the Gold reference cables have steadily improved after maybe 60-70 hours and are as detailed and sweet as. Separation and sound-staging are magnificent and true audiophile quality. Transparency is also top class. It seems as though even further improvement yet may be in the wings. The rest of my equipment being pretty high-end serves to highlight the capabilities of these cables. I am certainly surprised given their lightness and diameter. 




17 May 08

Hi King

I've been burning in my cables and interconnects and have them connected up to my new speakers..... Both have had about 80hrs burn in time and have just started to seriously listen to the synergy between the cables and the rest of the system. So far so good, really notice the 'silence' offered by the shielding on the cables and the music rises beautifully from this background. The interconnects and coaxial are really good and get clean detailed reproduction. I was afraid of my system sounding too 'bright' but I should have had no fear.... The detail is great and 'the music sounds fantastic. The sound-stage is wide and separation of instruments and voices in wonderful. Good quality recordings come alive with the cables and interconnects. So really happy so far and expect things to get better as new speakers and cables + interconnects bed in. Will post on your website to offer recommendation, and also highlight the fantastic customer service you have offered me, which these days is a massive massive plus. — Thanks to you for that.
I'm in process now of upgrading my DAC and buying a new CD transport, so can't wait to hook this up to my system. I will look at using you cabling and interconnect on my second system.
Will keep eye on your website. I just hope that you are getting enough Australian customers, and will spread word of mouth of your great Aussie product as I try and support good Australian companies when they offer premium products i.e. I also buy from Gary Cawsey another great aussie product and customer service.

Best Wishes



14 May 08

Hi King,

I've received the cable, thanks for the super fast delivery, those cables surely looks awesome, can't wait to try it out tonight.

WOW!!!!... can't believe how great the speaker cables are, and all these are before it even burn-in?

the first impression is the detail of the sound, the clarity and the stage. I simply can't believe it.

it also remove some of the forwardness of my amp, the music and vocal sounds more natural then previous.

I can't wait til the cables are burn-in.

I will come back for the white labels ;)

once again, thanks for making such a great cable at affordable price.



26 April 08

Where do I start. I received my white label interconnects 2 weeks ago and already own the TMC Gold speaker cables.

The Gold speaker cables transformed the sound of my system and I have already left feedback about them on this site so I won't go into them.

I have been meaning to get the white labels for some time and was at the point just before ordering them of buying another amp, due to my disatisfaction with the overall musical experience, in no way attributable to my other components.

I thought I had better try the interconnects for their relatively small outlay before buying another amp, and boy am I glad I did. These white labels have done the trick. I was a bit dubious as to whether they would make as big a difference as the Gold speaker cables: well they did and I can only call it a synergy.

My initial impression as compared to my previous interconnects was of the disappearance of any smearing or phase discontinuity in the sound. Everyting sounded cleaner with more air and atmosphere, and a tangible 3d quality to the imaging. The bass seems more defined and with better weight and the midrange up has a realism that is so natural.

The imaging is incredible with instruments and vocals appearing in their own space way outside the speaker boundaries and pleasantly leaving me with that, how can that be feeling. I now have great sense of depth in the recordings where previously the images were compressed into a very shallow stage as if the musicians were playing on a 1 metre deep stage.

I will be highly recommending these cables to my friends.

These cables have allowed my system to breathe and come to life.

Thanks for great products.
Darren Black.


31 March 08

Name: John
Email: jbojack@charter.net
PowerAmp: McIntosh 1201 Monoblocks
PreAmp: McIntosh C-500
Phono: VPI extended aries
CDPlayer: Linn Ikemi
Speakers: Wilson Audio Maxx 2
Intconnects: Valhalla, Jena Dreamdancer
SpkrCab: TMC 20 foot runs, bi-wired
Topic: Products
Subscribe: 1
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Date: 31 Mar 2008
Time: 12:32 PM


Hi King,

My system has "evolved" since 2001 into the stratospheric performance range...But, I've never had a need or desire to change your speaker cables out to anything else. Wonderful sound....especially with very long runs from Amps necessitated by position of listening room furniture.


29 March 08

Hi King,

I just want to let you know that I have actually received the Yellow Interconnect pair back since Thursday morning, and I have not yet taken the time to sit down to have a first listen until today this morning.

My first impressions on the Yellow are, to be honest, very promising with only (very) picky minor complaint.
But most of the time, I was simply astounded by how each and every instrument or layer, no matter what genre of music, has a soft, friendly, yet distinct presentation of how it sits in relative to its' surroundings. I believe that this is what I perceive as 'musical cleanliness' that I have not yet experienced before from just interconnect upgrade, considering that my previous and first ever owned interconnect uses cryogenically treated copper.

My equipment does produce an unfriendly aggression in the mids and highs production from time to time. But now with the Yellow cables - I truly love the effect of 'air pockets' around & between instruments that helps me differentiate levels of information, with less fatigue and stress. And interestingly enough, I notice the separation's ability MUCH better presented when listening at slightly lower volumes.

Best of all, I have already experienced the above benefits (or just starting I guess) out-of-the package without even spending any time burning in the cables.

If I have ever to be really picky, it would be the fact that the construction material can so stiff to the point where I have taken more time to organise space and positioning of my ancillaries (between my CD Player, DAC, and tube headphone amp).

Overall, my greatest thanks for you to produce such a fine product at a generous price.

Kind Regards,

Andrew W.


22 Jan 08

Hi King

Jumper cables arrived today, and I have installed them on my NAD 352 (with Arcam 73 CDP, Castle Richmond 3i speakers) I’m listening to them now - nicely made cable and no problem to install following the instructions on the website. Initial reaction is this is a worthwhile tweak, I’m listening to some of the more difficult recordings I have and I think these jumpers have removed two nasty little cost compromises out of my amp. Overall the sound has been cleaned up; everything seems to be resolved more completely for instance cymbals are sounding more realistic, sound is less congested and everything seems to be hanging together more musically, soundstage seems deeper. :-)

A long weekend is coming up in Vic so I will be able to enjoy a good listen, I will post some feedback once I have had a listen for few weeks.

Thanks for the prompt service all in all I am very impressed with both the service and the product, I will need some interconnects later in the year so you will be at the top of my list.

Thanks James


15 Jan 08

King, just wanted to let you know that after 20 hours, I feel like
these are among the best cables in any price range! So natural timbre!



14 Jan 08

Dear King,

Started testing the cables right out of the box as you suggested
without any burning in.

The first things I notice are the good control of low and an overall
good focus
of the speaker cables, and they seem fast.

The interconnects seem to emphasize mid range a little more than the
rest of the spectrum. This is not a critism however, as I personally
prefer this. Very relaxed, enjoyable sounding,

By the way, I am not sure if this is a psychological thing because of
the stiff surroundings of the cables, but I feel like they are
exceptionally clean sounding.

I haven't evaluated the soundstage yet, I will give some time for
burn-in before.

Even after a few hours of burn-in, I feel like I will be impressed
with the cables. I will write you more details later.



24 Dec 07

Hi King,

Just letting you know that my cables arrived safely, yesterday (Sunday)
thanks to Australia Post’s extra deliveries for Christmas.

Wow! They are stiff! I was expecting them to be stiff, but not quite as
stiff as they are. However, that was not a problem, as I decided that I
was going to take as much time as required to get them in place correctly.

After about an hour and a half, I had my system replumbed and ready to
go again. Early into the exercise, I realized that it is more like a plumbing
job, than a cabling exercise, carefully moulding the copper pipes into shape.

I have to be honest and say that having ordered my new cables, I was a little
worried that they may not be as good as what I had, as my system was really
singing, or so I thought. However, I thought that with the 45 day money back
guarantee, I couldn’t go wrong.

Well, straight out of the bag, I think they are performing better than my old
Chord cable and interconnects, and after about 12 hours or so of use, they
are continuing to improve. This is in conjunction with the fact that I am also
running in a new pair of monoblocs.

Initial thoughts are:

Great detail

Very neutral

No background noise (this is not new for me, as I didn’t have any before)

Very musical (you are so correct about not turning on, or you’ll be late)

Hope you have a very Merry Christmas, and that 2008 is a great year for you.


PS. You can probably hear my music and see my smile from Adelaide!!

(Yes, I can hear his music when I turn mine down a touch....but I can imagine the smile  :-).....King


Hi King.

White interconnects - Excellent. The installation / some 5-10 minutes / NO PROBLEM. This cable isn´t stiff. Bent cable keeps position.

Sound is very comfortable for me. I´m very satisfied.

I´d like to buy Yellow interconnects + Gold speaker cables.

Thanks Jiri


16 Nov 07


I'm absolutely impressed!! The cables arrived today. I wait longer for the inland shipments!? This is gonna be a musical or "totally musical" weekend. I let you know my first impressions as soon as possible.......


Dalibor Kasac



7 Nov 07

My music just sounds right now. I won't get into superlative descriptives. It has all been said before about these cables.
I didn't believe I would hear as big a difference as I have but I was secretly hoping, and am really happy with the result.
In a perfect world you would get a set of these speaker cables with every sound system sold. There signal honesty should be the minimum compulsory for all to enjoy who love music.
I had been disappointed with the sound of my system up until purchasing these cables and wondered why my gear never sounded the way it should. These cables have given my system synergy so that now I know I'm getting the sound I paid for.

Thanks for making great cables at real world prices.
Yours sincerely,
Darren Black.


7 Nov 07

Hi King,
Awesome is all I can say.
Your ears know when the sound is right.
Thanks I now have the magic in my system that I knew it was capable of.
In actual fact i think the cables are higher res than my source equipment.
Hope you hang around for a while as one day I would like to get your interconnects as well.
Yours sincerely,
Darren Black.

PowerAmp: Nad C272
PreAmp: Nad C162
CDPlayer: Cyrus CD6s
Speakers: Modified Magneplanar 1.6qrs
Intconnects: Tara Labs Spectrum 2A, Prism 500
SpkrCab: TMC Gold Reference single run


6 Nov 07

G'day King,

Cables arrived last night, ... plugged 'em in and started grinning.

Have to go now ... I have 3,547 CDs to work my way through.


Bruce B

P.S. .. I'll be back when I get my turntable wired up for balanced output.


3 Oct 07

Thanks King!
I really like your cables and with the one you are sending me I will have 12 pairs of your interconnects in two of my systems.
I don't think there are better cables out there (I mean I cannot afford to try a US$15000 Tara cables, but it is just ridiculous..)


16 Spet 07

Hi King 

Just to let you know I have connected the blue cable and the results are fantastic clarity with the picture both on DVD and TV.


Rob Berryman


16 Sept 07

Great customer service, but more importantly, super products. Have both RCA and XLR and love 'em. Super-accurate, and super-quiet, and at a very competitive price.

Todd S


30 Aug 07

Just want to let you know that i just bought two stereo pairs of TMC white

0,5 m. from your shop through another person who placed an order for us both. I really enjoy the cables and it won't be the last time I buy from you. Didn't buy the jumpers though. But I probably will later on.

Søren, Denmark


28 Aug 07

King, mate,

Your cables are awesome!

They form some very interesting sculptures behind my equipment rack.

Ever so grateful that you make cables one can afford!




28 Aug 07

Thank you very much.

BTW – I’m ordering these cables based on a trusted friend’s advice who said that your Yellow Label annihilated some Cardas Golden Reference in a head to head comparison.  “Especially in the mids”  were his words.




25 Aug 07

I dont know why the reviews for these cables on this site have been few and far between recently (Note from King: he is trying to post a review of TMC at the audioreview....) as they remain an outstanding 'price no object' option. They are neutral (very revealing of source variations) and extremely quiet (ie no hiss) . Accordingly they are capable of making a hi fi sound more like an ensemble...they let the detail through with an outstanding 3d quality and spaciousness crucial to more closely replicating live music. I have recently switched my entire cabling system to TMC from a much more expensive audioquest/acoustic zen combination and as per earlier audio industry reviewers of TMC I have settled on this as it provides the most satisfying presentation I have ever experienced from my sytem . Audiophoolery is of course a subjective pursuit but the parameters that generally matter to the music lover and the audiophile are nailed by a tmc system. Youre welcome to check out my review on the Gold speaker cabling and the new tmc blue 75ohm dedicated digital cable in the Gold review section. I am not affiliated with TMC....I dont write reviews that are not part of my professional life because of time pressure.... this is written because a small company is providing an outstanding product at an excellent price which is devoid of the usual advertising mark up.

neutral, absolutely silent background,soundstaging masters

Not expensive enough



6 AUG 07

Hi King,

The 'black over red' cables looked good on your website.  The 'black over gold' looks even more fabulous (Note from King: 'black over gold jacket will be the new dress for our Gold Label Reference Speaker Cable from now...new photos coming soon...)...too bad they tend to be mostly hidden when installed.  Nice to know that I am one of the first few to have these new colored ones.

I will be happy to provide my thoughts and experiences with these cables once these have been fully burned in, and to tell all my music friends about it.  My entire system is now fitted with the TMCs that I had ordered last week.

Upon installation, the treble was very solid and clear, with a virtually black background.  But there was almost no bass and the midrange was average sounding .  After 5 hours, the bass has now appeared with weight and authority, and is well balanced with the rest of the sound.  Similar too with the midrange.

All of this is common with what others have said about the cables.  However, what is surprising is that I am noticing all these on my ancient 18-year old, harsh sounding budget speakers.  When I finally upgrade to a decent pair of speakers in a few months time, the cables would have been well cooked by then...I can only imagine how good they will sound :)

Thanks again and best regards,




Name: Tuck Lim
PowerAmp: HK Citation 7.1 / NAD T973
PreAmp: NAD T163
Phono: Rega P1
CDPlayer: Yamaha CDR HD-1500
Speakers: Polk Audio Lsi-15
Intconnects: TMC Yellow Label
SpkrCab: TMC Gold Label
Topic: Products
Subscribe: 1

Date: 23 Jul 2007

Time: 11:48 AM


Hi King,

Fantastic cables. They are high quality cables that look and sound good! The cables have given my system the imaging and soundstage that I never knew existed. I'm now hearing instruments and sound that I'd never heard before in my favourite cd's. I'm totally enjoying my music now and I will not hesitate to recommend the TMC cables to anyone looking for good quality cables.


Perth, Australia



Hi King,

Received Cables today thank you.

Had a quick listen hooking up "White" from a DVD player to Denon integrated

and wow, much clarity on CD. Will hook all up to Elektra system over the week-end

where they were purchased for.

I will let you know my thoughts after a good listen in due course. (May need

to buy another cable for the secondary Denon system) Damn

Thanks for the prompt service!




I received my 1.5-meter pair of XLR/XLR Truly Balanced interconnects on June 13, 2007. I immediately installed them into my music system, and was pleased with the great sound that I heard. Thanks again for this wonderful cable. I do not have a digital camera to show the interconnects in my system. But, please envision 4 green umbilical cords between my Pass Lab
X-1 preamp and my X-250 power amp (a thing of beauty)! Also imagine my beaming face when playing my music system.
Sincerely, Curt 



Hi King

Just to let you know that the cables are great.  They've added a new musical dimension to my setup.  

Cheers - Amit



I'll be keeping your cables. I've had them plugged in for the last 2 weeks and went back to my old cables. I ultimately preffered the sound of yours. They sound sweeter and less fatiguing that's for sure.





Hi King,

When I initially purchased your cables, I intended to connect the Trenner & Friedl speakers to a Van Alstine hybrid pre-amp/power amp combo; a Rotel DVD player and a Van Alstine tube DAC. I've made changes.

Burning in the White Label cables required a week, or so.The improvement was clear. But it was not until I purchased and installed the Yellow Lable interconnects and Speaker Cables that the old system began to "sing". the Yellow Lablr cables required twice as much burn-in as the White Labels. After which time, they offered impressive detail, more bass and percussion was well... percussive!

The Speaker Cables were relatively unimpressive, at first; neither detracting from nor adding anything to the elements of the audiochan that preceded them. But, over time, these speaker cables gradually revealed more and more of the detail and dynamics the old speaker cables had been filtering out of the system: bass was more profound, purcussion had still greater impact, highs soared without being shrill, massed voices (The Persuasions) became a group of individual voices and the sound stage opened and deepened.

Many years ago, I'd purchased and experimented with Monster, Kimber and Audioquest cables and interconnects and convinced myself they added negligible, if any, improvement. More recently, I'd experimented with Siltech and other cables and found that the cost didn't justify the improvement they sometimes offered.

Your cables, very simply offered a palpable improvement, against a background of absolute silence, to both systems I used them in, at a cost I could live with. I will be ordering additional White Lable interconnects for use between my tuner and DVD player, and integrated amplifier. My Yellow Label cables have found a new home in a friends system.






I will be taking a set of balanced leads to my brother in-law next weekend to try on his system. You never know. Still can’t believe the difference in top, mid and base TMC balanced cables have made to my listening system. When I save a bit more you will get another call for my home ent system.





Happy New Year to you too. Straight away I noticed a smoother but slightly more detailed sound with them. There was a certain part of a certain track that I always found a piercing with my old cables and the new ones have at least partially cured that, that was my intial test. I'm going to give my system a more serious listen to this week with the new cables and i'll let you know the overall conclusions. So far so good with the cables, thank you.






What can I say but THANK YOU. Just connected the leads and can not believe the difference they have made. FANTASTIC!!

So I have placed another order for another set of the same. (XLR/XLR Truly Balanced Interconnects)

Once again thanks






Hi King,

This is to confirm that I recd the cables today. The delay is from Custom's side in Bangalore. Actually it has arrived Bangalore FGN PO from Mumbai on 13th itself.

Since my office is close to my residence, I couldn't wait till evening for trying the cable. During lunch time, went home & just hooked up the int connects & played for 5-10 minutes. I could make out the immediate difference in sound quality. What diff you ask? "your cables are not just cables they are MUSIC CABLE". I'm yet to hookup the speaker wire & jumpers & 've to carry out burning in for some time for the critical listening. Though ICs are stiff, I didn't find absolutely any problem in connecting them.

Probably in another 2-3 days I'll give you the feedback. I may feel like upgrading my whole electronics :-). I'll post my excellent opinion & recommend your cables to all audiophiles.

I'll revert back to you soon. As I had mentioned, kindly work on power cords also.

King, thanks for all your support & understanding.




G'day mate,

I received the shipment yesterday, and have the Music Cables installed now (Holy Stiffness Batman! lol). They sound awesome, and I will be back in the future for more of your cables as I continue to refine my setup.

Happy Holidays and New Year,

Scott Rhodes



Well King you did say I would hear the difference ‘right out of the box’ and I did – however not necessarily for the better, with my initial impression being that the base was out of control. Having read reviews by various customers I persisted and ‘burnt’ in the cables over a period of 25+ hours before really listening to them.

After two weeks with the TMC’s connected, my partner and I decided to change back to our original setup to see how we would be affected. The plan being to listen to them for one week before changing back to the TMC’s for a final week and drawing our conclusions.

After just three days we were back to the TMC’s with my partner, whom has never understood my need to spend large amounts of money of HiFi, admitting they did sound better. The very next day I walked in on my partner, in our lounge, in full flight, conducting Beethoven’s 8th Symphony ‘Ode To Joy’, totally caught up in the performance and totally oblivious to my presents, as a smile crept across my face.

I have always said and still say to this day that vinyl is superior to CD, but believe CD will always win in the end because of its mobility and ease of care in comparison to vinyl. Vinyl however delivers so much more, a three dimensional, rich, fuller sound and I make the same comparison between TMC cables and my original setup.

‘The Moon’ (Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova – THE SWELL SEASON) sounds so honest with an edge, a rawness that is much more engaging. The resonance of the cello in ‘Wish you were here’ – remix (Bliss – QUIET LETTERS) moves right through me and ‘We Come 1’ (Faithless – OUTROSPECTIVE) takes your heartbeat through the roof.

I’m sure some people will not hear, or should I say ‘feel’, the difference but it’s there and it’s worth every cent. We have over time gotten used to a sterile, clinical sound and as some would say ‘can no longer hear the music’. The music TMC allows though is both believable and engaging, so much so that listeners may well find themselves dancing or, God forbid it, singing along with the music, for all they are worth.

My final words – I will not be returning them – anyone need two sets of second hand interconnect and a pair speaker cables?

Thanks, Steve Wilson (Sydney Australia)

Cables (original set up):
• Van del Hul M.C D 102 MK III Hybrid interconnect
• Nodost Flatline Gold MkII, bi-wireable speaker cables

• Musical Fidelity Nu-Vista Super 3D CD player
• Musical Fidelity Tri-Vista 300 Integrated amplifier
• Sonus Faber Grand Piano Domus floor standing loud speakers



Dear King

I guess that the cables have burned in about 30 hours. I would like to express my impressions with you before my ear-brain forgets my original sound.

I connected 1 mt TMC XLR/XLR digital green from Accustic Arts transport to Kora Hermes 24/192 DAC and 1 meters of TMC White Label RCA/RCA interconnect from DAC to A Consulting Silver Rock passive transformer pre. A pair of 2,5 meters long TMC Yellow Label RCA interconnects are plugged in to pre through Audio Note Quest Silver monoblocks.

A pair of TMC Gold Label Reference loudspeaker cable is connected from power amps to mid and treble units of Avantgarde Unos separately and a tail is connected from mid unit to bass unit. In other terms bass is connected via midrange bridge due to bass cable was short to connect from amplifier directly. I am expecting another pair of 100 cms long cable to make a direct three wire connection from amplifier to bass/mid/treble units as I used to.

I have been using my own design of digital and interconnect cables at my system which are I believe state of art design. Two pairs of them took almost a year to complete. They are air dielectric, triple shielded, combination of 2 strand of 0,1 and 2 strand of 0,01 mm (thinner than human air) 0,9999 purity of Swiss silver, very difficult to construct and impossible to solder without using a crimp. Besides, all the cabling are AC polarized shielded and runs together with active shielding unit of Synergistic Research. All cables are lying in sand filled thick tube to eliminate ringing effect and mechanical distortions. Very simple version one of that cable is communicated at the link below; http://www.nonamehifi.com/ForumEN/ForumDetails.php?CatID=7&ID=175

These cables outperformed so many good brands several times so eventually stabilized at my own system.

My loudspeaker cables are Stealth Hybrid MTL gold/silver/copper multi strands custom designed three wires for my set-up. They are very natural sounding, full bodied but a not so much open, a bit dark and less airy compared to Stealth Ultimate Ribbons. I preferred them to UR due to their neutrality.

I connected TMC gold labels to my system as described above and started listening.

What were immediately appearing were the quietness, relaxation and inertia of the sound.  It was similar to the effect of adding a good AC filter to mains signal. I have to admit that I never witnessed that any cable added such quietness to system before. In my hi-end history, AC filters, room treatments, separate earth (grounding), vibration absorbers etc brought such improvement but never cables so far !!

Layering of soundstage, width and depth are increased, small details at sound become more evident and distinctive. Placements of elements of a trio an orchestra became much evident and lifelike.

I wonder if that quietness is mainly or partly the result of the perfect shielding method that you are using.

Besides above, mid bass and lower mids become fully rich, tight and open. Lower octaves of every string-brass instruments or vocals become much richer, natural and fully bodied. Upper and lower octaves of bass were tight, rich and effortless.

Bass, mid bass, midrange authority and purity of TMC Golds are awesome.

They carry out the listening pleasure to another level.

As a general description,  from my point of view,  TMCs can be described as honest, authoritive, non-coloured, non-artificial but a bit cold and a bit mechanical sounding cables. Their characteristics are closer to German kind of sound compared to English, Scandinavian or French sounds (in terms of electronics) or closer to Wilson Audio Speakers compared to Italian made Sonus Faber speakers.

If I have to criticize them, the only thing I have to say is the little-bit roll of at upper frequencies. Treble area of TMC golds are may be the only short come. I am not sure this will be in lesser degree after the completion of burning process. I wish interconnects would also contain one or two strands of 0,01 mm thinnest silver which should eliminate that short come. (Note from King: the musical performance will improve with about 50 hours of burn in…full $$ back guarantee…. J )

When I replaced the TMC XLR/XLR digital green one with new blue one, sound became more open and richer. Treble section shortcoming is partly eliminated.  I will compare both of digitals and let you know about my experiment in detail. (Note from King again: TMC has been secretly evaluating the performance of our NEW 75 ohms STIFF cabling for digital use. We have sent Mr. Atalay a single run of our XLR/XLR made with our new 75 ohms cable, to obtain an independent customer’s valuation under digital application. The blue XLR/XLR digital mentioned above is our NEW 75 ohms XLR/XLR cable. TMC 75 ohms cablings (XLR/XLR and RCA/RCA) will be available soon (early 2007) for all digital applications.)

I hope above report was honest, useful and understandable for you. Please let me know if any point is not clean.

I will use all TMC cables at my system eventually instead of my own cables but before hand, I will take and recommend them to friends who will be interested in.

Best regards..

Özhan Atalay




22 Oct 06

Name: Skoust

Email: skoust at vip.cybercity.dk

PowerAmp: Audia Flight 100

PreAmp: N/S

Phono: N/S

CDPlayer: Accuphace DP 65

Speakers: Vienna Acoustic Beethoven Concert Grand

Intconnects: TMC

SpkrCab: TMC


Topic: Products

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Date: 22 Oct 2006

Time: 12:34 PM


I can only say one thing about your cables: The best I have EVER heard! No matter the price! I'll soon be needing more, and there's NO doubt what I'll buy! I LOVE'EM!




30 Sept 06


The cables arrived yesterday.

I put the yellows in last night. I played for a couple of hours then and again this morning.

I am trying not to listen critically until they have had a few more hours. I am aiming to give them at least twenty hours before trying to make a judgment.

However you cannot help but make mental notes.

Very good detail. Brushes on cymbals, guitar string plucks, close microphones all coming out very clearly.

The ever so slight glare that was there with my silver interconnects was tamed immediately.

Part of the reason I ordered your cables was something I read from the designer of my cd player recommending copper over silver for his products.

I know from past cables that burn in is important for some components. I have experienced turning the amp on one day and the whole system suddenly gelling.

Do you have any tips on cleaning contacts like speaker connections and RCA jacks?

I have seen one site that recommends pure grain alcohol followed by a swear of CAIGS ProGold.

I actually like the stiffness (as the actress said to the bishop).

The cables stand well clear of power cables. I see this as a good point.

Nice craftsmanship. Nice service.


I will write once I have sat down with my good ears on.





08 Sept 06

Crickeys, mate!!  Its a beauty!

 I have run them in for 24 hours.

 AwesomeThe black spots are just so.....BLACK.  Great soundstage and channel separation, even with 40 year old recordings like the Rolling Stones who were never well known for their production talents.  And then I put on Dark side of the moon.....SCARY!  The chiming bells were just "there".  I am waiting for some more bass....I'm patient.

 I will indeed recommend your cables, and already have done so to the guy who sells tube amps in Perth from whom I bought my handmade tube amp off in April..it weighs 27 kg.  Because it may be one thing having great hardware, but without the cables, its a waste of dosh.

I already have premium speaker cables from Van den Hul.
(Note from King: hope one day he will try our Gold Label.)

 I recall reviewers saying that the most important part of a sound system is the speakers.  That is nonsense I think - mine are just ordinary.  But I wouldn't mind upgrading to electrostatic one day.

 I am not an audiophile but a lawyer, and feel it not my place to provide a testimonial.  Maybe later, when I have put some thought into it.



21 June 06

Hi King,

My friend asked me to try his TMC cables that he bought from you 
recently and I agreed reluctantly as I haven't heard of them even I 
live in Australia. I hooked up the 4 speaker cables first ( biwired 
AE-1 monitors ), they did look a bit odd sticking out everywhere as I 
didn't want to bend them because they are not mine.

I always thought Michael Fremer from Stereophile was a wanker when he 
could tell a good cartridge just by dropping it (gently) onto the 
leading grooves of a LP. That's exactly what happened to me because
could tell the difference when I dropped the stylus onto my LP after 
changing to TMC speaker cables,
which preciously I could not tell 
even swapping around different cartridges ( Koetsu RWS, Shelter 501, 
Benz Micro etc., I am a committed vinylist). Also, I could tell the 
difference when brushing my stylus, sort of clearer.

Does the music sound different/better? you may ask. Yes, much better, 
almost unbelievable for product at this price range. Strings and 
brass are much cleaner, clearer and more real, whether they are solo 
or mass.
I put on Bruckner #9 on Decca SXL and the massive brass 
section just came across very well layered, complex orchestral parts 
were superbly reproduced. Minimalistic music like Bach violin 
partitas on mono LP sounded much more like just one violin than 
String quartets are the hardest music to sound good on hi-
fi systems as you want to listen to individual instruments yet you 
also want them to melt together, bad systems make them sound like 
shit. For the same reason I seldom listen to them even on my fairly 
good system, the TMC cables made Beethoven's late quartets sounded 
much more coherent and thus more enjoyable, less tiring. Well done!!

I sequentially replaced the pre to power amp cables and tone arm to 
pre amp cables with TMC (white) and the results were just 
accumulative. I would say the improvement is more obvious than 
changing from a Shelter 501 cartridge to a $3500 Koetsu. Or more 
obvious than changing from a cheapo rega tone arm to a SME V which is 
what I use now.

BTW even my dusty CD player sounded better without a 
TMC CD to preamp cable.

Sorry to be long winded and I will order a set from you as my friend 
took them back already. : (

Keep up with the good work. Go Aussie.




(Note from King: Terry ended up wiring his entire system with TMC's; and he is happy as Larry now!!)

(Thankyou kindly to his friend...whoever he is....!!)  :-)


09 June 06

Hi King,

Yes of course I would be happy for you to post my email to your website. Your cable is a minor miracle and I feel you deserve positive recognition for not only your product but service also, especially at the realistic prices you charge.

Please consider seriously trying a power cord. They do make a definate difference and as I say would be happy to buy a pair on trial if you could fabricate them.

Lets know what you think,



09 June 06

Hi King,

The cables arrived safely this week. Thank you for the quick turnaround.

I would like to share my first impressions with you. Interestingly, the
first track I played was off a live recording and there is a short period of
silence once you hit play but before the music begins. I knew from the first
second that something was dramatically different and had to double check
that the music was on - the silence was so total that the sense of
anticipation was greatly increased.

Once the music started, right away the treble was tamed and again became
part of the fabric of music. Not hashy and highlighted but delicate and
articulate. The music became so much more tonally correct and believable.
Strings and horns once again sounded like real instruments with warmth and
pleasing timbre instead of metallic clones of the real thing. The mids lost
their hardness and voices once again breathed from the speakers rather than
barked at you.

The startling thing is how these feats were achieved while at the same time
producing more detail.
I can only assume it is because of the dead black
background from which the music emerges.
It is a cliche, I know, to say I
heard things not heard from my recordings before. But it is true. And not
subtle cues either that you must strain to hear, but rather the sound of
breathing, spit on a saxophone reed, creaking chairs in the recording
The Wilsons are very revealing speakers and yet prior to installing
your cables, I had never heard these sounds from the recordings or perhaps
more correctly they had never registered with me before. They combine to
make the listening experience that much more believable. Listening to Joe
Henderson on solo saxophone is a stunning experience.
I know the sound of
this instrument well, as I used to play it. Through the Wilsons, with the
TMC cable, you know that this is a brass instrument.
Just the right balance
of bite and warmth. Similarly with the trumpet. Cymbals now sound like what
they are, not hashy, sibilant sources of distortion.

I have heard it said that if you don't like the sound of the Wilson Watt
Puppy 7 then blame something else in the chain, well I had'nt been happy
with the sound of mine, having tried Analysis Plus Golden Oval/Big Silver
Oval, Coincident TRS, Xindak, Crystal Cable, Zu Cable, JPS labs. Some of
these cables I've heard sound good in other systems especially the Analysis
Plus and Crystal but I think the silver content just tips the sound up over
the edge with the WP7.

Each brought something different to table while screwing up the sound
somewhere else. I can certainly understand those who malign the Wilson sound
as hard, bright and unforgiving as my setup has been all those in the past.
All I can say is Garbage In, Garbage Out. They are unforgiving speakers and
will punish you if you get the setup wrong, but get it right and the rewards
can be exhilarating.

A bit longwinded, I know, but i felt you deserved a full account of my
experience so far with your product. That they achieve what they do, and
what some of the competition has been unable to do even at multiples of the
TMC cables price, is a huge achievement and a testimony to your product.


PS I run the CD player, balanced directly into the amp so my setup is
completely wired with TMC, not counting the Transparent umbilical of course.


 07 June 06

Also...no problem with the testimonial - you've got a truly great product - just one listen - and the cables speak for themselves!

As we say up here in Canada...Take it easy, eh?

William....from Canada


06 June 06


...i hope i said that right!

The TMC Gold Label Reference Speaker Cables arrived today - complete with the Eichmann Bayonet connectors ready to go! Of course, I had them delivered to the office and had to spend the afternoon staring at them...and then, I had a late day followed by a night meeting - but I raced home afterwards to get them installed. Spent a good hour moving furniture and getting the new cables into the system (those bayonets sure are a solid connection - I was a little worried about putting too much heft behind them on the amp side...but the trick was to push in on the bayonets with one hand while pushing out equally on the amp's binding posts with the other hand until that solid "click" - once solidly connected - the sound was incredible!)

And I know that they still need to burn in - but after about an hour now, my initial impressions are: nice clean top end...with nicely- tamed sibilance, smooth mids and nice, solid bass (I even heard some rattles in the house that I've never heard rattle before)...very nice presence and imaging! I will definitely let you know how things go!

And now the questions...

1. Could you provide a recommendation/quotation for a pair of Yellow Label RCA Interconnects to use as jumpers between the pre- and the amp sides of my NAD integrated amp (I would think that I need something a little less than a .5 meters in length as the rca jacks are essentially side-by-side on the rear of the amp);

2. In conjunction with #1 above, could you provide a quotation for a

1 metre pair of White Label RCA Interconnects to run from my new DAC to my integrated amp;

3. And, while I'm at it, could you provide a quotation for a set (2

pairs) of TMC Speaker Jumpers (i think that I would need the 8mm spades for my Paradigm Studio 60 v2's).

Of course, as last time, this would be shipped shipped up to the great white north:

William....from Canada


31 Mar 06

TMC 1.0M XLR cables

Great customer service, King!  I really appreciate your efforts.  I was not anticipating anywhere near the sound improvement that I got.  The Classe CA-400 power amp now sounds even more breathtakingThese have got to be the best cables on the market for the money -- quite clearly the best value out there today.  I'm very glad I found out about you guys down under.  ALL of my interconnect cables are now TMC, and I , as they say, am loving life.  Thanks again guys.  Your products ROCK.



23 Mar 06

I've tried to leave feedback a couple of times now, but the page has some kind of error.
Your products truly rock -- regardless of price.
Todd S.
Oak Harbor, Washington


18 Mar 06

Dear King,
the cables arrived on Thursday, which is less than a week from Australia to Germany. I am astonished.

The last 2 days I spent testing the cables. The sound is clear and precise. The soundstage is far better than with my old cables. To my mind the stiffness is not really a problem. So all in all you offer a good and valuable product!

Please keep in contact
Best regards Michael  


15 Mar 06

Hi there.

I have been letting the cables burn in for a while and I am pleased to say that they have finally 'arrived'. The mid and high range clarity is incredible. I have been hearing subtleties and trailing notes that I had never heard before...encouraging me to listen to all my favourite recordings one by one, even 40-50 year old Jazz and rock recordings :-) It's been a bit like a mini-rediscovery of all my favorite music.

Congratulations on a great product! I will surely be recommending this to other music enthusiasts as well as adding to the testimonials and reviews. In due time, when I upgrade my components I will be sure to come back for interconnects.

Thanks and keep in touch,



13 Mar 06

Hi Mr. King!

I have now been listening to your yellow label cables. They cast a spell over me.

Even though the are not probely broken in yet the difference is striking. The sound is habit-forming. The sound compared to their predecessors smooth me down in a very reassuring way: They sound so natural and musical, that you forget everything about the perpetual hunt for details and nuances. You just enjoy the music.

The details and nuances are present any way. Suddenly I realized that the soughing sound in the background are whiskers gently used on the side drum, and later on another record I noticed yet a remarkable thing: In a certain sentence I could actually distinct one word from another in a specific recording, which up to now has been unintelligible. TMC Yellow Label are some amazing cables!

In the light of this matchless experience I will now order some Gold Label Reference Speaker Cables as well.

Best regards
Michael A. Bank, Copenhagen, Denmark


8 Mar 06

Hi King,

Just wanted to let you know that I did pick up the cables a couple of days ago and am letting them burn in for now....but already after 15+ hours of listening I can feel the cables bring a sweet 'mellowness' and cohesiveness back into the music. B&W speakers can tend to be just a wee bit bright but these cables are doing a heck of a job with the mid and high ranges, the low range is also now muddle free..prob a result of bi-wiring...the cables and speakers are now a perfect pair :)

I had been relatively happy with my Tributaries Silver cables but realise what I had been missing all this time...even 20 year old recordings now have the rounded warmth to them that I thought was lost for good due to digitization.

So far, I am really impressed...if you didnt guess already...more later ;->



19 Feb 06

I bought these cables, TMC Gold Label Reference Speaker Cables direct from the manufacturer. 
I could go on and on about so many different unbelievably good aspects of these cables but I think it's best to sum them up as follows:
Good looking, very well made.
For the price, the hi-fi bargain of the century.
Their performance summed up in one sentence:  After throwing everything at them for weeks on end, 4 or 5 hours each time, at varying volumes, including floors shaking, I have concluded that these Speaker Cables are the most neutral I have yet to hear and their biggest strength being they can not produce LISTENER FATIGUE.
Over all, I can recommend these speaker cables unreservedly.  They have everything going for them and nothing against them.
System used:
SOTA Jewel Turntable
Origin Live OL1 Tone Arm with structural modification and Incognito rewire
Garrott Brothers Optim FGS cartridge
SOTA Reflex Clamp
ME 15 Pre Amp
ME 550 MK II Power Amp with High Cap upgrade
ALON IV Loudspeakers
Other Speaker Cables used, various Audioquest and Nordost.
John H
Sydney, Australia   


03 Jan 05

Hi there King,
The cables arrived this morning.
They are a vast improvement over what I had. 
 I have only listened to them for about 2 hours.
Leave it with me.
 I will write a detailed review for you so you can post it where ever you want.
I must say your service was excellent and I thank you very much.
It was a pleasure dealing with you.
First thoughts musically - there's no distortion left.
More to come.


20 Dec 05


I have now used your TMC cables with my other hifi gear for a while and I have to admit that they sound... excellent. I was afraid that they would sound too bright but that is not the case. Everything sounds so smooth and now I also understand your "dead quiet background" statement.

I think the price-quality ratio of these cables is beyond compare.


Teijo Kuvaja



10 Dec 05

Hi King !

I´ve received my cables 3 days ago and have them played for about 15 hours and I can hear a positive change. An great soundstage, with a very deep bass and the all voices are very natural. I look forward to the complete” burning-in time”. So far I´m very satisfied with your TMC cables.

Best Regards 

Anders Moeller



4 Nov 05

Hi King

Cables arrived to day.
Now installed and WOW. Very nice.

TMC from SACD and CD to preamp and to power amp.

VERY musical, quiet, more information than ever.



12 Aug 05

Hi King,

I just wanted to touch base and let you know how the White interconnect is running in ,........Great it has opened up considerably and has a wonderful black background for the music to emerge from. It has about 30 hours on it now.

On another matter I was hoping you could give a price for a .75 meter pr of TMC Yellow (RCA to XLR plug) for connection between my ME pre amp and ME 850 power amp .


Paul Skillicorn


6 Aug 05

Hi King,

I am just now getting around to writing.....I received your balanced XLR cables and replaced the "silver" cables I had in my system. I can't tell you the difference.

Sometimes I am hard pressed to "hear" a difference in my sound by changing out hardware. I think I have such high end stuff that it just doesn't make much difference.

Well....I heard it, dynamic, open, clear.....I couldn't believe it, a HUGE difference!

I have your speaker cables, a few interconnects from you, but the XLR's offered such a dramatic improvement I had to write. The balanced cables I replaced run 6x more expensive than yours.....and yours beat their sound 10 fold.

It was astounding, almost like getting a NEW SYSTEM!!! Thanks!!!!!

Michael Petranick


22 June 05

Hi, King.

First off, I'd just like to mention how extremely pleased I continue to be with my Gold Label Reference speaker cables. I am using them to carry frequencies above 60 Hz from my Odyssey Stratos power amp and Vienna Acoustic Mozart mains & the sound is truly phenomenal! The shielding is excellent, as well -- I live in a kind of RFI Hell (to the extent that my old, unshielded speaker cables were actually picking up signals from an extremely local FM transmitter; with the Gold Labels in place, however, all I hear is all the music I'm actually playing. I have a question about the directionality of the cables, though.



17 June 05

Dear King,
    The cables have arrived, I am amazed they arrived so quickly. I am very happy and will order from you again.
best wishes


16 June 05

Hi King,

Got the cables and immediately took them to our local HIFI shop to test them. Really a quality product! Very clear and neutral. The shop guys were quite impressed as well.


Thanks for a great cable and interconnects!

Mark Bochan


15 June 05

I'm loving the TMC Gold Label...!!!

As I expected these are FANTASTIC speaker cables.

I was very surprised by how much they improved on the lower mids.. they have given my Linns much more body and warmth. Detail is awesome and the imaging is very precise... I have noticed the depth of the sound stage becoming deeper and more openly present as they burn in.. The sweetness of the treble is possibly the most outstanding improvement..

Smoooooooth as silk! I've probably only got 30-40 hours on them so far, so I'm really looking forward to what the next 50 has to offer. I thought the flexibility of the Gold Label cables were a benefit rather than a hinderance... I was able to EASILY manipulate the cables to run straight down from the back of the speakers, then a 90 degree turn to the skirting boards then another 90 degree turn to run behind the television. You can't do THAT with other flexible cables without

sticky tape!!! :-)

Have you had any more thoughts regarding your advertising?

Anyway, Thanks again for the Gold Labels.. and we'll speak again soon.



31 May 05

Hi there King,

Just a quick note to let you know how I got on with the Yellow interconnect I ordered a couple of weeks back.

I had a listen to my favorite CD I tend to use as a reference when trying out new equipment, A good twenty mins with my original interconnects in place to let my ears settle in to the music, then I did the swap to my NEW TMC Yellow interconnects.

Straight off the bat I was consumed by how much richer and fuller the sound was across the range and settled in for a good couple of hours of listening. Over the course of the first 15 to 20 minutes I noticed how much these cables changed in characteristics. Such an amazing transformation over such a small period. The top end smoothed out and become a much more subdued beast, no signs of distortion or coloration.. the cymbals I had become accustomed to with my old cables now became much more a part of the music, no longer fighting for attention over the brused snare and chimes, instead, creating a pleasant shimmer which added balance and never encroached on the piano and vocals in the foreground. Bass was much more rounded and delivered with more authority, the mid range was transparent and realistic with vocals and wind instruments showing great resolution to express texture and detail but was still able to poke you in the ears with the delivery of percussion instruments such as toms and bongos.

The musicality of your cables are a perfect partner to my Linn system, feeding every part of the signal the Tukans could ever need to perform at their best, the Yellow interconnects present a massive soundstage, amazing resolution with a real sense of rhythm and musicality.

Great product guys!

I will be placing an order for a set of Gold Label speaker cables in the next few days.

(And he did...4 meter pair of TMC Gold Label...awaiting to up-grade to our Truly External Bi Wire configuration later...)

Thank you.

Kind regards

Ross Bentley


18 May 05

I purchased a pair of your White Label ICs on a whim from Audiogon and was very
; I was even more impressed when I felt they allowed me to sell my
Acoustic Zen Silver Ref ICs. I have always wanted to see if the Yellow label
could match the Cardas and also have always wanted to upgrade my speaker wire.




18 May 05

Presently using 2 white label pairs from TT to phono pre-amp to pre-amp. Great detail with good lower end. DEAD QUIET.

Al., USA


15 May 05

I received my package today and let me just say "thank you".

Like many others, I thought that buying more expensive cables was like throwing money away.

After having set up my 2-channel system with nothing but TMC cables, I can honestly say that I notice a significant improvement in sound quality.

I'm not sure which cable(s) made the biggest difference(because I bought so many different types), but what I am sure of is that buying TMC cables was the best upgrade I've made to my audio system in a long time.

The shipping was fast, the response to my emails was incredibly fast, and the product is clearly of the highest quality. You can bet that I will be recommending your products to anyone who will listen.

Many thanks.



13 May 05

hi king,

i got the cable on wednesday. my friend tried it last night he told me it's the best.... thank you

we think we may buy more from you because my friend told eveyone about it.

i'll order from you if they want it..

thank you





4 May 05

I did get a chance to hear them and there was a significant difference

for the better in quality between your cables and some large gauge

stranded cable i have, so I am instantly impressed with them. Good job.

i made my wife hear them and she totally could hear the difference.




4 May 05

Hello King,

I am now bi-wiring the Mirage M3si’s with 2 pairs of TMC Gold Reference speaker cable and the results are outstanding.  Keep up the great work!  Oh, you may certainly use my feedback on your website.

Best Regards,



(Please see below as well..)


29 April 05

Hello King,

I recently had the great pleasure of auditioning your Gold Label Reference speaker cables connected to my Citation 7.1 amplifier and Mirage M3-si loudspeakers. 

In one word:  Astonishing!  I was blown away…..I have been running Audioquest speaker cables prior and I must say, there is no comparison. 

The TMC cable brought the Mirage’s to life…..smooth mid range, silky top end and outstanding weight and definition in the bass.  I’ve owned MIT MH-750, Audioquest Midnight, Transparent and Kimber Kable speaker cables and none of them made such a noticeable improvement in my system.  I’ve been able to find another pair on the used market and will bi-wire the M3’s for an even more improved performance!  I will be writing an official review of these cables on my website:  www.soundreproduction.com

Keep up the great work!

Best Regards,

Shane Mattson