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Reference Interconnects, & Reference Speaker Cable (Speaker Wire)
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Reference Interconnects
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for all other connections
including digital applications

We recommend our
Truly Balanced XLR/XLR
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Reference Speaker Cable
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14 April 05
Goods arrived safely yesterday, thanksl.
This is my second pair of TMC's, I've had a pair of yellow label for a while.

They really are superb cables, completely neutral and adding no character of their own at all so far as I can tell.



31 Mar 05

Hi, hope you have had a nice trip!
The cables arrived just before Easter, delivered on the door in good shape.

We will use some time listening to them the next two weeks.

You will get feedbacks in between.

And, the cables are very good looking and seems to be of highest craftsmanship.
Thank you again for good service!



21 Mar 05

Cables arrived. They are fantastic.

Thanks and pass this on to King.

Kind Regards




21 Mar 05


My sister just brought me my TMC white label TMC interconnects all the way from San Francisco (finally!) and after an hour or two of listening I am already excited to get more of the good stuff!

In the quest for getting the right interconnect I am currently demoing a pair of Shunyata Research Altairs (listing at US$1000) and in terms of imaging and clarity there is no comparison in my system - the TMC's just sound more right. Plus a much heftier bass which came as a very welcome bonus. Awesome!!!

Currently I use a Kimber D60 silver digital coax cable to connect my transport and DAC (both 47 Laboratories Shigaraki series) and the white labels from my DAC to my Amp (Orpheus Four Integrated).

I definitely would like to get a pair of your speaker cables but was wondering if it would make a significant improvement if I used the white label as the digital cable and used yellow label (or another pair of white labels?) between the DAC and the amp.

I appreciate your advice, hope to hear from you soon!




11Mar 05

Hey TMC.

Just borrowed your white cable from a friend and wow! They sound very good! Very imprest with how much they let through--

Anyways I want to order some cables from you.

And btw. I will recommend every one to order cables from you! Great sound!

Regards Kristoffer


3 Mar 05

Dear Mr. King

As I have written to you earlier as I found that the combination of 5 meter Truly balanced XLR between pre and mono and 1 meter Truly balanced XLR between CD and pre gave a sound far too warm and "not transient" in my system (not bad for jazz but bad for rock and electronic music). This was after a weekend of playing with the new cables in my setup. You urged me to wait for beak-in before I do any real evaluation.

Even though it is hard for me as an electrical engineer to believe in burn-in of cables I did give it a chance. I let the CD-player play on repeat for 24 hours while the pre was turned on. The monos were kept off as I figured that the large input impedance anyway reduces the current to next to nothing. After the 24 hours the too fuzzy warm sound had faded drastically but the treble went from almost not existing to a little too bright.

After another 24 hours of burn-in the treble is also almost perfectly in check and the sound is very detailed yet musical and very neutral. My system has previously had a problem with a too bright treble but that is almost gone now as the treble is smooth and correct.

I have also made an experiment with short cables to the monos (by moving my pre and CD) compared to the
5 meter long TMC truly balanced XLR cables. I have found that the TMC Truly balanced XLR cables do not give a detectable drop in treble information as I would otherwise have expected as more capacitance would lead in that direction. Long cables between pre and power is to my experience thus not a problem ;-)

The conclusion is that even though I still dont understand what burn-in is (when it comes to cables) the effect is certainly there and your balanced cables are just marvellous but only after about 50 hours ;-)

Satisfied costumer ;-)


Accuphase C 275
IcePower monos
loudspeakers are Vienna Acoustics Strauss
TMC Truly Balanced XLR cables (5 meter pair and 1 meter pair)



28 Feb 05


I am REALLY happy with your cable C my hum problem has completely disappeared.

So, I am now thinking that I should replace all of the non-TMC interconnect in my system with yellow label.

Could you please quote me a price for the following (all yellow label w/ RCA termination please):

2 pairs of 0.5 meter interconnect
1 pair of 1.0 meter interconnect
1 pair of 2.0 meter interconnect
A single cable of 1.5 meter interconnect

Could you also price out 1 pair of 2.5 meter truly-balanced interconnect.




21 Feb 05

Hi King

I have installed the White Labels between my DAC & Tube Buffer & between my Tube Buffer & Amp and as a digital cable between my Transport & DAC (all single ended connections). They have been run in for a little over 50 hours.  I ordered these cables based on the testimonials on your web site and their cost. With your 45 day trial period I figured what did I have to lose?

Build quality is excellent.  The cables are stiff, but it still only takes a few minutes to install them.  They do require a substantial burn in period. 

But once installed and fully "cooked" they reward with a sweet, warm and detailed sound with great sound staging.  With good recordings the speakers (VAF Sig I66 - another great Aussie product) disappear. 

The sound stage has tremendous depth and it is easy to visualise the performers in the sound room (especially with small group jazz recordings).  The TMC cables go a long way to making music more enjoyable.  They are, as your web site says, "Truly Musical Cables".  In a word they are GREAT.  Eventually I will upgrade my speaker cables to Gold Label tri-wires. If I add any additional components, TMC will be my first choice!

Current System:

Krell KAV 400 xi integrated amp
Parasound CDC 1500 CD Player/Transport
Musical Fidelity A 3-24 DAC
Musical Fidelity X10 V3 tube buffer (I'm still debating whether I need the tube buffer with the TMC cables)
VAF Signature I66 Speakers (bi-wired with Origin Live Solid Core - will eventually upgrade to tri-wire Gold Label)

Thanks again for a great product

Take care and all the best



20 Feb 05

Hello Mr. King,
The cables arrived here yesterday.

My first impressions are: 1. quality of materials is excellent, cable design also (snake skin etc)
                                     2. I don't know why 'stiffness' is so often mentioned in concern with your
                                         cables, as predicted I got no problems connecting the cables, in fact
                                         these cables are very easy to handle with
                                     3. the sound...I like it
                                         the highs are sweet as silk with no harshness,
                                         the bass is deep and has structure the sound is right and life-like,
                                         nothing is exaggerated
(like Transparent Ultra does it with the highs e.g.),
                                         the system swings.
                                     4. conclusion: Your cables are a real bargain in high-fi/high-end, I used several
                                         cables from Fadel, Transparent, Audioquest, they were all expensive and did

I use the 'True Balanced XLR Interconnect' between my Wadia 850 and the ML 23.5 and the 'Gold Label
speaker cables' are for connection to my Infinities.

Your cables are highly recommended !
(Hagen, Germany)


17 Feb 05


I have just recieved a 1 meter truly balanced via a friend in Århus, Denmark. The cable is so convincing that I now consider getting another balanced cable between my pre-amp and my home made monos.

The distance between my pre and monos is 5 meter. Is this a problem with your cable (loss in treble...)?

Could you please make me an offer for a 5 meter long truly balanced interconnect?

Thank you for your help ;-)




16 Feb 05

Hi King,

            Guess what? Got my cables today, just finished bending them into shape & fitting them, I am now listening to some music & you are right I can hear the difference straight out of the box & I guess they will get even better, but as they are now I¨m happy, only thing I probably should have ordered them 100mm longer as I have had to bend them fairly tightly & move my amp forward a bit but never mind it doesn¨t really matter. It¨s the sound that matters & this little system I have now sounds even better so I am very happy, I will keep in touch.




16 Feb 05

Hi King,
 I got the cables thanks, i already connected them to my system and the sound is perfect as i expected. All the SSSSSSSSS sounds is removed and the base is even more controlled and balanced and on top of that the sound is warmer as you promised.

And that is just out of the box so i hope for even better result after 100+ hours.

I will let you know of the progress. My old Nordost Blue Heaven has fallen down from the sky and TMC is sitting up there.
Many Thanks and i hope to see new products in the future from TMC.
 Best Regards 



7 Feb 05

Hi King

I received the second white label interconnect on Friday. Replaced the MLP (Transparent - Music Link Plus) with this cable and have about 20 hours on it. (All interconnects - analog & digital - are now TMC White Label) Seems quite smooth and warm - lots of detail. Will give you a full review once I have 50 hours plus on all of the cables.

Thanks again for a great product

Take care and all the best



28 Jan 05

Hi King,

I first have to say I LOVE YOUR CABLES!!!!! I had to get that off my chest. I'm in need of 2 pairs of 1 meter white labels (4 Cables),I have bought 3 pairs of yellow labels from you and truly love them. :-)

Thanks ahead for you time.


11 Jan 05

Hi King,

Today, I have received the cables.

I love it Sir.
Please to answer my last email cause I need to make an order again.
 Thanks & Regards,


10 Jan 05

Hi King,

Apart from silly season stuff I've been busy listening to music....

One thing though I have had a chance to listen to the Yellow interconnect between my preamp and power amp and Wow! It replaced a TMC White and I don't need to tell you how good your White cables are but in between the preamp and power amp the Yellow brought a huge change. Much more bass weight and general focus to the sound stage.

I now have TMC through out my system and the sound is fantastic.

Thanks once again,



7 Jan 05

Hello King,

Happy New Year. I got the cables yesterday and I must say; they sound
great, right out of the box!

I'm looking forward to when they are fully burned in. How long do you
recommend for burn in? I'll get back to you soon to order Gold Label
speaker cable as well. Take care for now.



6 Jan 05

Hello King,

Last night, I hooked up your cables for listening.

I compared them with a pair of biwire MIT Termintor 4 and a hand-made pure silver biwire speaker cables (I have used these speaker cables for a month. It works good).The result was amazing.
Your cables worked great. I mean it removed the harsh sounds which could be heard from the silver wire, and it gave great control in bass compared with MIT T4. Your cables gave me great soundstage which other two did not show.


17 Dec 04


received my speaker cables today. They sound great out of the box. More articulate than my Harmonic Technology Pro-11 cable. I listen predominantly to acoustic jazz and bass is the first thing I listen for...and the bass is great through your cables.

Thanks again,

Norman Thomas


17 Dec 04

Dear King,
I received your cable last week. Many thanks.
I plunge into the angiography operating room almost
everyday, and have no time to manage my daily life
except in the weekend, I have no choice but only have
little time to plug in your new cable in last weekend.
It sounded familiar to me and I love it.

By the way, I post my experience dealing with you and
the TMC at the largest hifi web: www.myav.com.tw, it's
been great pleasure.

And thanks again.


17 Dec 04

Hi King, just writing to let you know I removed the buffer stage and I love the cable. There's no harshness what so ever, even though the CDP is around 10 years old now.

I was getting heavy sibilance before on some recordings which was driving me potty, but this has disappeared now. Love the bass too-it sounds quite warm to me, but to my ears this is a good thing maybe it will change slightly. To be honest I could quite happily live with the sound as it is. I'll definitely order the speaker cable after Christmas and maybe a couple of i/c's, to replace my JPS labs.

Anyway thanks for your brilliant service and patience (all for a relatively small amount of money)

I'm going to leave a review on audioreview and audioasylum for the cable and spread the word as much as I can ( I don't know many audiophiles - thank God !! ) but there's a couple of people in work thinking of buying budget systems so I'll recommend you to them.
Merry Christmas and enjoy the nice weather down there. Everyone over here are getting virus's and the flu at the moment so you don't know how lucky you are.


16 Dec 04

Hi, Thanks for the great deal, I am currently using 2 pair of 1meter white label and love them, cant wait to hook up the yellow label between the amp and preamp.

Thanks again,



12 Nov 04

Hi King,

I received the bi-wire Gold Label speaker cables today and have listened to them for some hours now. I must say that I am really pleased and surprised with the "new sound" of my system. The cables are every bit as good as expected and more, and much better than my previous Tara Labs cables.

The soundstage with TMC is "really well balanced" and I am now hearing new details in the music.

Music has never sounded better on my system !!!!!

Thank you.

Kind regards
Søren, Denmark


26 Oct 04

Right out of the box, the cables (TMC Gold Label with Eichmann Bayonet plugs) sound wonderful. I will let you know more later. 


25 Oct 04

Hi King, 
Just returned. For the jumper, I'd like a Yellow Label 0f  0.25m.
To answer your other question, In the many cables I've tried, I've come to like the locking connectors so I won't try the interconnects with the Eichmann's. In the next few months I will order a half meter Yellow with the topline WBT's and compare them with my present Yellow with usual connectors.What I didn't know about the WBT's is that they are high copper content connectors with a good gold plating. I thought they were machined brass like most. Their price is steep but if they let more detail through, they will be worth it. 
Concerning Intermix "Future Primitives". I will try to find it but it's getting really scarce on Ebay. This Canadian duo goes under 3 band names: Frontline Assembly, Delerium and Intermix  and all of their recordings are of excellent quality wether you like that music or not. The reason why I pointed out this particular one is because there is a tune on it that is the absolute best in testing for soundstaging ability (# 5 Sonic Ritual). With most cables, the sound is mainly frontal with good left-right effects but with the TMC's the sound travels in a half circle in front of me. Coming towards the listener and back. It's hard to explain but the music has a definite 3rd dimension with your cables in. On recordings such as this, I find I can't listen to my music without this extra dimension anymore.  
Like I mentioned, you may not like the music but for component testing purposes, there is no equal. I've got some HDCD's that don't sound as good as the recording's these guys do. 
I'm through with cable testing for now. Honestly, I'm getting sick of it. I did it because I know they can make such a change in the way the music is played through a system even though I didn't want to believe it at first. I know now that they can make as much difference as a component change even in a modest system like mine. No cable is perfect and ALL the cables I've tried had different sonic signatures but yours give me more of what I want and less of what I don't want.  
Please give me the total price and I will pay as soon  as I see your reply. Thanks. 


Hi King, 
I've just bought a 1 meter White Label for my tuner. I'd also like to buy a jumper (yellow label) for my integrated as we discused a while back. I think the length of the jumper was about 10 inches or so at 45.00 USD.  
I had been quiet for a while because I was testing other cables again. I've tried the VH Audio Pulsar and also the Chimera Labs Advantage 2. Both are highly regarded but I'm sticking with TMC (cause it's better in my system)...More on that later as I don't have much time to write (going off for the weekend). Please let me know the total with shipping and I'll pay with Paypal when I get back. Thank you. 
Also, later on I plan to get a half meter of yellow with the WBT-0101 to test. 


24 Oct 04

It is now time to let you know, that I think of my complete TMC cable setup.  
I have change most of my gear this summer, and it is only 2 weeks since I got some Vienna-Acoustics Beethoven speaker. 

It's still the tonal-balance that surprise me most, and the cable let the music through, with lot of details and god bottom, Musical cable can have a tend to be muddy in the bass region; but not TMC. 
My setup now are VA Beethoven, Arcam Diva A90/FMJ P35, Opera audio ref. 2.2 CD, TMC and in this system the cable works absolute great. 
From Denmark


20 Oct 04

Hi King,

>How the TMC's performing in your system??

The speaker cables are everything your website claims them to be. I now have them burned in and they have transformed my system. They present music with an incredible amount of insight and detail but not at the expense of balance and musicality - basically they make music! The bass is fantastic - full rich and with tremendous punch. High frequencies are exquisite.

The soundstage is simply amazing and its not just 3D but beautiful layered and it never seems to get confused no matter how complex the music becomes.

With this current order my system with be completely wired with your cables and it will be a decade of more before I ever have to worry about cables again. Having fooled around with many off the shelf cables and my own DIY concoctions the music and peace of mind your cables provide make them an absolute bargain.
Many thanks.



19 Oct 04

Hi King
Thanks for the email

Please make up the 2 pairs of Yellow Label as the usual 1 metre lengths.

With the Y cable just get the maximum length out of each - the shorter one is the most critical but I guessed you could get 400 - 450mm pairs out of them.

(Les has to send the TMC "Y" cable back to us for reconfiguration for use in his new system...) therefore...

Have had to put some QED cables back on - only shows how musical TMC cables are. The QED are so tiring to listen to. The bass booms and the highs are "hissy"(?). But I will have yours back soon.

All the best and thanks again,



1 Oct 04

>>because with the pig-tail, it means two more solder
>>joints to me!!

Yeah I know what you mean and my prejudice would be 2 more joints is always a bad thing but I think the better earthing arrangement of the Bullet Plugs cancels out the minus of this arrangement. Its a small improvement over stock but a worth whiled one in my experience.


I must write a proper review of white interconnects with Bullet Plugs when I get a chance - they do sound better then your standard RCAs. I simply can't imagine a better sounding interconnect.

Many thanks,


27 September 04


You may remember I ordered a pair of interconnect a couple months ago with Bullet Plugs.

I liked to make a new order - I like your cables - and while I'm doing it I like to take advantage of your 50% offer and order 5 pairs - like I said I like your cables.

But I have a couple of questions. One of thing I like to order 3 pairs of white and I want to have Bullet Plugs. Can you supply Bullet Plugs or would you prefer me to supply them like I did in the past?




18 September 04

Hi King
Thanks so much for your honest advice - as is always expected from TMC!
I will proceed with the order probably sometime in November (maybe a bit later)- will be the least disruptive to be without the use of my main cables. 900mm cables will probably be the length I purchase, just trying to keep "spaghetti junction" to a minimum.
It makes life so much easier when all I have to worry about is the length of a cable - no decision has to be made as to what make! That is the confidence that you and your product offer.
Again - my sincerest thanks for your time and effort.


13 September 04

Afternoon King
Thank you for the cables.  I am very impressed with the performance from your amp cables. I am getting a lot more detail and information and the soundstage has extended in all dimensions.  I plan change my power amp to JC Halo monoblocks. And when that happens I will definitely purchase the balanced interconnects and speaker cable.


8 September 04


I received the balanced cables today, they sound pretty darn good right out of
the gate. I have put them up against 3 different cables costing up to 5 times the
price and they are holding their own. How long is the break in period? I will post
a positive feedback for you as soon as this mail is sent and would appreciate it
if you could leave a positive for me also. Thanks again and once these
are broken in, if they improve on what I'm hearing now, I'll be placing another



7 August 2004

Hi King

Having had the yellow labels for nearly 6 months I can sincerely say that I could not be more pleased with the result (that's putting it mildly). I need some new cables - TMC is the only choice.

all the best
Les James


4 August 2004
Hi king,

just wanted to let you know that the cables you sent me for bi-wiring, and the connector cables, work great! thanks!


30 July 2004

Hi King.

The cables have found their way to my listening room, and it really sounds nice. No fatigue at all. Just what I was looking for.



26 July 2004


I am real excited about your products and will not hesitate to recommend you to my friends in the hi-fi world.

Thanks again-


26 July 2004

Hej King

It is now a week since I received my "Gold Label Reference Speaker cable" and I´m satisfied, they are a bit more open, clear and smooth than the flatline gold I have.

So now it's time to try yours interconnectcabel.




26 July 2004

Hi King,

I just received a pair of your wonderful yellow label cable and I'm wondering. I'm wanting 2 more pairs (4 Cables total) at 1.5m of your yellow label. I currently using your yellow label from my dac to preamp and 2 pairs of Monster Cable M1000's to my power amps. Thanks again. Your stuff is amazing. :-) (I have a feeling your cable will beat the pants off my Monster Cable.)

Thank you,


20 July 2004

Hi King,

Finally received the Gold Label cables with Eichmann's. The connectors look awesome but man they were hard to insert in my amplifier. I put some Caig Pro Gold and got them in. I did some listening and it seems to me that the highs are slightly more extended in this true biwire setup than with jumpers. The soundstaging might be better too. More listening on the way. Thanks !

Electronic music may or may not be your thing but if ever you want to compare soundstaging of different components or cables, you might want to try a CD entitled Future Primitives by a Canadian duo called Intermix. The recording quality of this CD is excellent and it really wraps you in a wall of sound. It's a reference CD for me and it might work for you too even if you prefer classical, jazz or acoustic material. Just thought you would like to know as I am listening to this "music" with the cables you sent me.

Best regards.



26 June 2004

Hi King,

First off, I'm glad the payment for the speaker cables went smoothly. Next time, I'll use paypal and it will be simpler for both of us.
Like i mentioned in my previous e-mail to you, I made a few changes to my system since the last time we wrote to each other. Maybe I had mentioned this but I changed my speakers from monstrous Athena's to Castle Stirling 3's. This alone cost me a fortune but the difference was like night and day. No more exaggerated brightness, bass and hissing sound from the tweeters. For the first time I had an idea of what hi-fi really meant. I also changed my ugly cheap cabinet to a Target S230 rack in cherry that is beautiful. Of course, this meant i had to relocate my gear and reshape the TMC Yellow's yet again in the most weird shape ever in order to connect my CD to my amp. Needless to say, I'm getting good at reshaping your interconnects despite the stiffness. The difficult part is reshaping both of them so they look alike.
More relevant to you is that I recently decided I wanted to try a well regarded DIY interconnect. These were terminated with Eichmann all copper bullets. As you may know, these are very well regarded cables in audiophile circles that compete against commercial cables costing much more. As soon as I got them I let them play for about 25 hours and compared them to my TMC Yellow. Initially, I was truly impressed by their level of detail. You really can hear everything that is recorded with these cables either good or bad. The more I listened to them though, the more I had the impression that something was missing. I kept wanting to turn my system off before a CD had completely played and this is not a good sign. I couldn't quite put my finger on the problem until I put the TMC's back for a couple of days and tried the twisted pair again with a different CD and this time the difference was even more evident. More detail again but the enjoyment was gone. I started taking notes: Analytical but flat sounding, vocals are unnatural, soundstage is gone. When I put back the TMC's, everything returned minus a little bit of detail. I then remembered the feedback I had written for you about detail resolution having little to do with musicality and how this test proved it again.  Anyway, all this to say that despite the changes I'm making to my system, I'm still using TMC cables. I hope i haven't bored you to death. I just thought you'd like to know.
Thanks King and best regards.


24 June 2004

Hi King,

As you probably know, I already have a gold reference in my system with spade terminations. I wanted to try true bi-wiring using 2 separate runs of cable with different terminations so I'd like this pair terminated with Eichmann bayonets at all endings.

Please write back to me as soon as you can. As mentioned, I'll write back in another e-mail about the changes I've made to my system and changes I'd like to make with some TMC interconnects.

Thank you.



24 June 2004

Hi Mr King,

The cables are still burning in but I thought I would just pass on that your cables are fantastic.

Just like other people have said before they are amazingly open, clear and smooth.

Music flows and has great punch all at the same time and the sound stage is the best I have heard.

When I get my vinyl front end up and running I will get another pair - no question about it.

They replaced what I thought were very good interconnects - DIY ultra thin copper wire with bullet plugs. Your cables are miles better.

The Yellow jumpers work very well. I had to bend them a little and they are stiff but once in the are very secure.

May be you should offer them on your website. I'm using them on a slightly tweaked NAD C320BEE and they work a treat.

All people who own NAD integrated amps (thats a lot people) could get a significant performance boost by replacing the standard jumpers their amps come with with a pair of your jumpers.

The standard jumpers are just nickel plated steel and most people don't know what their amps are really cable of.




23 June 2004


I've be meaning for ages to send you some feedback on the cables. Suffice to say I will be keeping them. I compared them against some custom made silver cables from a private manufacturer like yourself. The silver spkr cables had better bass control and some good highs, but looses when comparing soundstage and naturality. It was almost like the music was compressed. Anyway I had a hard time convincing the other seller that his high end silver cables that everyone was talking about, lost out to copper cables - which seemed counter-intuitive.

Overall Im happy with the Gold cables, and would recommend them to anyone. For some time I had my doubts, but Im fully convinced now.




21 June 2004

Yellow cables are great! Just broke them in, sounding smooth and detailed, with great bass.



20 June 2004

I recently bought 1 meter pair's of both yellow and white interconnects from you, and just after a 24 hour break in period of these cable's, I fine them very pleasing to my ears.

Great interconnects!!!


Jerry ___________________________________________________________________________________

19 June 2004

Hello TMC,

I received your cable's today both white label and yellow label cable's, I will install them later tonight, from what I see, I am very satisfied.

They are truly  well made cable's. Can't wait to break them in.

You people downunder truly make great interconnect cable's.

One pleased customer !!!



17 June 2004

Hi King,

Recieved TMC Yellow Label connectors today.

Very pleased and surprised they made so much difference to the sound of my system, hearing much more detail now. Was so rapt I wrote a review on audioreview...:

""...Within five seconds of listening to my Wendy Rule CD with these connectors, Ive gone wow. The clarity and detail was just amazing. After reading many newsgroups from people saying that interconnects make no difference to sound quality I purchased these cables mostly for piece of mind, but was totally knocked over by the sound difference as I am now hearing details in music tracks that I havn't noticed before. The shielding does make the cables stiff but they can be easily shaped before fitting and caused no problems, they have instructions on their web site if anybody concerned with this...""

Thinking about replacing my speaker cables now, but will have to save up as one speaker cable needs to be six metre's long (goes under the house) and this will work out quite expensive - ouch!. So will contact you in future about this.




17 June 2004

Hi King ,

Received Cables Tuesday in Good Condition.

Instillation Went Without A Hitch .

Have Been Running System Almost Non-stop since.

& It Is Sounding Better By The Minute.
I Am Very Happy.


25 May 2004

Hi King

               Just recieved my tmc white cables today, when i connected them from my transport/dac the sound  was transparent like my kimber pbj, nearly 4 hours  later the sound just changed to a far more open and fuller sound in all the key areas, this cable has just changed my overall devotion to vinyl,, everything that my turntable gave me in smoothness and sound transparency has been matched with this remarkable cable, the kimber is good but the tmc is much better in the bass and midrange , i have never had a cable break in so quickly or so dramaticly, i will highly recommend your cables to all my friends , thanks for a great product and will definitely be purchasing some yellow cables soon.

Kind regards.



25 May 2004


I wanted to write you regarding my experience with your cables.

First off, I am having construction done in my home, so it took two weeks just to try them out. Then, I could only listen for an hour when I had to take down my entire system again.

In only a short listening session I found a lower noise floor and additional midrange clarity. There was considerable improvement in vinyl playback; I had a slight hum with my old cable and I now have total silence with your product.

In another month I hope to get my gear back up & running, but I am very happy with your product so far.

Regards and thanks,


8 April 2004

Thanks King,

Sydney received your cables just in time to on forward to me in Hanoi.

In a word I am over the moon they have greatly enhanced my system and
my sound experience. In fact my co-director who delivered them to me
thought I was crazy when I told him your cables were expected to
considerably improve my system. He got a great surprise.

Main difference is clarity particularly with good recordings,
unfortunately there aren't a lot of well recorded CD's, well not in
Hanoi. I am hearing sounds that I had never heard before aided by the
superb Marantz SA-14 SACD CD player. The bass is also considerably
extended only limited by the limitations of the B&W 604 S3 speakers.
Further observation by having connected in parallel both the RCA and
the Balanced XLR cables I am able to make a direct comparison between
the two - there is considerable volume gain when using the balanced

It is good to see an Australian company enjoying such a technical
success, I am hope it is paying off. Please keep me updated with any
future products and improvements.

Keep the good work up

Kind regards and cheers,

(name withheld by request)


23 March 2004

Hi King,

Glad you got the cds!  Bootlegs are never like a studio recording.  It will take time to getting use to.  Its not your system or the recording.  Its how it was presented live through the central board.  That show is extremely popular worldwide amongst collectors.
Love the Yellow and White cables.  I still can't get over the soundstage these cables present.  They go great with my Acrusu A-150 Amp, Yamaha AX-90 receiver (Pre-Amped), and Klipsch KG4 speakers. 
Anticipating the summer concert shows here in the States.  The remaining members of the Grateful Dead will be touring with the Allman Brothers and and Yes.  Dave Matthews Band will be coming through here too.  Can't Wait!    
Keep in touch.  I am referring your cables to everyone.


16 March 2004


I have had the Yellow label cables installed for a couple of days now and would like to express my gratitude to you for a magical musical experience.

Before fitting these cables my upgraded system was a musical treat and had exceeded any expectations that I had anticipated. But your cables have elevated the whole experience to a completely new level. Not only have they bought out the best in the other components, but I can honestly say that I never thought I would be in a position to experience musicality like this in my own home C I knew it could be achieved but never believed I would be able to afford it.

I don¨t have the technical know-how to describe what your cables have added (or maybe taken away) to the musical quality of the system but can only judge it by the level of enjoyment I am now getting from the whole system.

I would also like to thank you for your patience and knowledgeable advice. It is so good to be able to talk directly to the person that makes the cable rather than some commission driven salesman spouting information compiled by some marketing team. I think that many well-reviewed cables give their best performances in their advertising material. Reading your customers comments was enlightening and confidence building for someone like me who has little experience with cables.

I would be urging anyone I know to try your cables. You could offer a 45-year money back guarantee and there would be no way you would ever get these cables back from me.

I think your name says it all:

TMC C the Music Cable

Thanks for the music

All the best to you and your company



8 March 2004


            I purchased both the White Label interconnects (for CD to amp) and Gold reference speaker cables from you just before Christmas 2003. I am writing to tell you how much of a difference this has made to my system. I confess to having been a little sceptical about the differences cables could make in anything but the most high end systems, but your products have changed my mind.

            I did find that they do need a considerable burn in period as was advised. During this I was, at times, concerned about their sonic performance, but (thankfully) I persisted. I wasn¨t confident in leaving my system running through the day as Brisbane was having heatwave conditions at that time, and my Rotel amp runs hot anyway, but when the weather cooled a little I was able to leave the cables to their burn in.

            I first hooked up the interconnects, and was immediately impressed with the extra level of detail provided. I think the speaker cable probably took longer to burn in than these (possibly due to the extra length?). I did find the bass became a bit `thumpy¨ for a while during this phase. I did a back-to-back comparison with my old interconnects and speaker cable after about six weeks and quickly put both back in the closet. The difference in detail and dynamics was clearly evident over a wide range of music with the TMC cables.

            I have recommended your products to a friend who lives interstate and shares my passion for music. I hope he takes my advice and makes this his next upgrade. I thank you again for the prompt service you gave and, now, for the quality product you make. I will be in touch when I upgrade to a pre/power amp for some more interconnects.




6 March 2004

Hi King,

Yessir and Yessir....you got the 'custom' order right,  and I still need that 7 meter length of cable.
I'll wait for a 'total' $$ from you.
I'm enjoying the music right now on my main system with the bi-wired TMC Tannoys. 

Sounds great!  
Your cables really turned my girlfriend's system around, too..... I bought her a pair of 8ft speaker cables and gave them to her for a Christmas gift (should have seen her and her daughter's face when they saw "wires" in the wrapped box!)   Now,  she raves about that gift still!


28 February 2004

Hi King,

The (2) pair TMC XLR Cables arrived today, and man...did I wait for this to arrive. I have been anticipating for these cables as I had bought a pair before from you a long time ago, and was looking to buy another 2 pairs for my 5 channel setup. After initial plug in, man was this thing beautiful. It sounds much much better than the TMC yellows that I have been using for 1+ year, dialogue just sound so good...soundstage; and noise has almost disappeared. Thank you again for the wonderful cables, I will be enjoying these for a long long time. Cheers.



21 February 2004

Hi King,

My system now has more bass weight (this wasn't subtle), better left/right separation and smoother highs with the TMC's. The low-mid-high frequencies were more balanced. Compared to that, the silver plated cables before were thrusting the highs forward. This was most noticeable on metallic sounds such as cymbals or "S" sounds in vocals which had always been irritating on some recordings.

In conclusion, my system with the TMC's is less analytical and more musical. This test convinced me that detail resolution has nothing to do with musicality.

The most important thing for me is that I am listening to my music more than before with less fatigue and more enjoyment. If you are looking for the utmost in musicality or would like to smooth out a system that may be too bright or aggressive sounding in the highs, try these cables, you will like what they do to your music.

I couldn't finish this review without praising this company's exceptional customer service. Better than anything I have ever encountered.

King and his team take pride in what they do and it shows. Thanks for making a great product at a reasonable price.


-Michel, QC. Canada

8 February 2004

Hi King,

The Yellow Labels arrived today.  WOW!!!  They really opened up my system.  I never heard soundstage like this.  They have flushed new life into my Klipsch KG4s.   I'm currently playing The Dead 12-31-03 San Francisco, recorded in DAT, and its like I'm at the show!  I can't wait for the White Labels to show up.

Thank you,

Dan - NY, USA

11 February 2004

Received the White cables today.  SWEET!!!  The combination of the Whites and the Yellows has just boosted the performance of my system like never before. 

I will surely recommend to your cables to anyone.  Thank you very much.  I gave you great feedback on eBay too.


Dan - NY, USA


7 February 2004

Hi King,

Received your Yellow Label Cable with many many thanks.

I can't wait to hear this cable and already I am shocked to how it performed, so musically refined, just imagine it has not even break-in yet. It is tempting at first and now I am addicted to it. Now I am already thinking to change my cd-pre to white label (do you have 0.5m?) and my speaker cable to the reference gold (2m pair)  BTW I don't intend to bi-wire this time, but instead, do you have spkr. jumpers?

Thank you again,
Michael Ko - Malaysia

5 February 2004


The Paypal payment has been made.  Thanks for your help.  I am looking forward to using the new interconnects and putting some more time on the speaker cables.  

 Seems odd to be using cables that are relatively inexpensive with other equipment that costs many thousands of dollars, but so far I have been impressed.  I sold my Transparent cabling.  With your cable, I was hearing musical sounds that were washed-out with them.  I did a double-take.  The Transparent cabling was warm, but I realized that they were smearing the sound.  In their defense, the cabling was 9 years old.  Still´.when one considers the cost´..

 Dave Versage - USA

25 December 2003

Received the cable yesterday, 24 Dec, and right out of the box they sounded great. I've been using JPS Labs which is why I decided to try yours, the same design of copper and aluminum. I finally bought a pair of their top of
the line, $600, Superconductor 2 IC a few months ago and it was the best I'd heard until yours. I told my wife that if the TMC was close to the JPS I would sell the JPS for a nice profit. To make sure she wasn't biased for the cheaper cable I lied about which was which. I played the TMC first, told her
it was the JPS. After comparing, she said she liked the JPS (which was actually the TMC) more. I asked if she was sure she didn't want me to sell the JPS, she hesitated thinking of all that money, but said no, the JPS was just too nice. Needless to say, when I told her she had actually picked the TMC she was amazed and very happy. Thanks, I plan on buying the rest of the TMC line as soon as I sell the JPS.

David Mazza, Seoul, Korea

Feel free to use this for your testimonials if you like and thanks again.

20 October 2003

Dear King:

The cables arrived last week. I appreciate this great addition to my system. They really add depth to my sound stage as well as more bass and body. Thanks for a great cable

Phillip Sharp - North Carolina, USA

14 October 2003

Dear King,         

I remain very satisfied with cables I purchased from you. The sound compared to the Jaycar OFC cable (which I had been using previously which is actually rather good) was bigger, wonderfully effortless superbly natural, full bodied with great depth and there is good extension. All areas of the cable sound excellent and there are no nasty sounds. Everything is smooth. Separation of instruments, ambience are excellent also. It seems to excel in all areas.

The discounted price is particularly good value. I don't think I will need to upgrade these cables.

When I saw all the positive reviews and the consistently high ratings on Excite I had to give them a go. I was not in any way disappointed with the sound.

I had bought some very supposedly high quality speaker cables from a friend for $400. I also bought some second hand Mandrake interconnect cables for $600. Your cables made these look truly second rate. It makes one rather cynical at the high cost.

I would confidently recommend you to other audiophiles and would buy from you again if and when I require speaker or interconnect cable.

Tim Vandenbosch

28 September 2003

I own all of your cables. I have recently purchased a pro audio amplifier and am in need of a RCA to 1/4 XLR 1m cable. Is this an option with your cable? My name is

Marcus Martin.

26 September 2003
(An up-date from Mike, please scroll down to read Mike's testimonials dated
19 December 2002)

 King, can you give me a more detail explanation as to why TMC's perform the way they do. Why the impart more "liveliness" to the music without being a bright cable. Why the dynamics jump out at you like real music????

25 September 2003

Hi King! How goes it down under? Just had the opportunity to listen to some more cables coming on to the market and they sounded pretty good (until I put yours back in the system. I just love the way the TMC's make my music ROCK!!!!


18 September 2003
(Mr. Wong ordered more cables from us)

Hi King,

Thanks for the prompt reply. I do enjoy your cables very much and I would recommend them without hesitations. The cheque is in the mail and you should receive it tomorrow.


 Wong - Perth, Australia

17 August 2003


Got my White Label 1/2 Meter Interconnects today.....fantastic right out of the box. Great Bass definition, silky but accurate highs, palpable midrange. Impressive at any price. I prefer it to both the Cardas Golden Reference and the Acoustic Zen Matrix Reference II in my connection from my Electrocompaniet ECD-1 Dac to my Sim Audio P-5 preamp. In my opinion, that puts the TMC White Labels in great company indeed!

I'm interested in more.....how much for a pair of 1/2 M w/ XLR termination?

Looking forward to your response.

Daniel Anderson - NC, USA

13 July 2003

Hello King

The Whites and Yellows arrived Friday (pretty fast!)

Put them into the system, not expecting too much, certainly not right away.

Well, you got another "WOW", this time with a Scottish accent - a MacWow if you like!

I really was so surprised. Better than the HMS cables? No, maybe not yet. BUT certainly as good as, and that's right out of the box. I've never used a cable which did not improve with age (how long do you estimate for full burn-in?)

I don't know what you are doing "down under" but you sure must be doing it right. I can't wait to put some hours on them, and then compare again with HMS, Van Den Hul etc.

I don't think it will be too long before I'm looking at my HMS speaker cables (which I confess I'm in love with) with a view to filing for divorce, with TMC being named as the "other party"

I will be in touch later with further impressions if that is OK with you.

Best regards
Morris - Ayrshire, UK

Morris did return to try our Gold Label Reference Speaker cables, and here is Morris again:

21 August 2003

Hi King

How much did I pay for my HMS??

A mere £1200 or US$1900 - and that was buying them used. New they would have been about £2500 or US$4000.

As to whether the TMC's beat them, I would say comparing the system with only HMS biwired and with TMC biwired, the HMS wins by a very short neck. But there is no doubt the two TMC's plus one HMS in triwire beats both biwire combinations. I suspect 3 pairs of yours  will sound better than the US$4000 HMS biwires.

So, overall and taking cost into consideration, I would have to say go for the TMC's in a triwired setup. To kit out the system with HMS triwired would probably cost upwards of US$7000 - millionaires should definitely go for HMS (or Nordosts or Transparents or whatever)


27 June 2003

The speaker cables arrived yesterday and sound great. All plans for the evening were cancelled so I listen. They removed a harahness in my system that I didn't know existed. It is by far the least expensive change with the most improvement I have ever made to my system.
I need to purchase a few one meter patsh cords to complete my system.

Garry - USA

26 June 2003


A strange thing happened with the Yellows. After days of not sounding just quite "right," they did. (I don't think it was that I'd gotten used to their sound.) They are everything you claim, clearly besting the almost-$900 ICs they replace, just as the Gold Labels replace $800 speaker cables. Both are by very well-known cable makers, with patented "braid configuration," "twist configuration," and in one case dozens of OFC copper wires, weighing pounds per meter. As far as I can determine from your site, the TMCs are a copper-plated aluminum inner conductor, an insulator of some sort (just what do you use?) and a copper outer conductor, which seems simplicity itself. Why it works better than the complex designs escapes me.

There's no doubt that the sound is tilted "higher" than with the former ICs, but the bass hasn't been sacrificed. I feel that what I hear is what the music should sound like.

It's been nice getting to know you--and your cables.

Warm regards,

Len - USA

PS: In a month or so (he's got to pay some bills first) you should be getting an order from another San Diegan. He's an audiophile (concerned only with how music sounds, as contrasted to an audionut who wants to know "why," and tinkers endlessly with his equipment) who listened to the YL-GL yesterday and said he has to get them. I referred him to your site.

18 June 2003

Hi King

The Cables were received today (6 days to U.K.) in possible record time!! That's faster than some orders placed within the U.K. I have installed them and will report back in due course following burn-in.

Thanks very much
John - United Kingdom

(John has not sent any testimonials, but has ordered more cables from us!)

25 June 2003

Hello Down Under!!!

I'm very happy to write this mail!! Mainly because I want - and can afford - to order a pair of 2,5 m. bi-wire Gold Label Reference but also because I get the chance, to tell you how happy I am for my White Label Interconnects!!

I bought my White Labels some years ago and they make me happy every day!! People who have heard them are very thrilled - and very puzzled over the price!! I've heard softer horns and more detailed textures but then I would have to pay 10 times the price of your magnificent cables!!! Therefore I have to go on and invest in a pair of your speakercables - mainly because your thoughts on sound-philosophy seems very logical to me. Off course I've heard all the good stuff about Gold Label Reference but comparing the White Labels to others tells me that I will get the most out of my money by buying your speakercables too. That is off course if your speakercables live up to the performance of your interconnects :-)

Kind Regards

Martin D. Bothner - Copenhagen, Denmark

31 May 2003

Hi King,
Bought speaker cable and white interconnect from you recently (see below), and am enjoying the greatly increased depth of sound that now comes from the speakers. But the funny thing is, I also recently bought an 'Age of Swing' CD by Dick Hyman (unfortunate name, but there you go). The man is a brilliant piano player, the disc is HDCD encoded, and top hat cymbals, etc sound just fine, so I believe now that the sibilance I heard previously may have actually been inferior CD quality (?). Bottom line? Love the sound. Will pester you again later when I've sorted out a few other things... Keep up the good work!

Russell - USA

13 April 2003

Gidday King,
Yep, they arrived Monday, at first sounded a bit 'ticky' and metallic on the top end, mid-bass was more forward, with not much lower bass at all (compared to previous speaker cable). But then, even after only 10-12 hours, the sound has opened up noticeably, it's louder, more detail, bass is extending nicely, much broader soundstage. Didn't tell you - asked about my CD player, and it turned out it had fried the central processor and they were having trouble sourcing a replacement, so I bit the bullet and went CD player shopping. Listened to Music Fidelity (forget the model), NAD 521i and NAD 541i and chose the last. So I don't know what proportion of the improvement is interconnect, CD player or speaker cable, but the improvement is such that my wife can easily hear the improvement, and has even commented on how tinny the stereo in our bedroom sounds in comparison. Now to set up the turntable.

Russel - USA

03 April  2003


I have installed the interconnect into my system, as per your instructions contained in the FAQ.  I have only one word for what I have heard so far.  "Wow".  I have tried a number of different interconnects over the years e.g. QED, Straightwire, Sonic Pink, MIT, and Monster.  My last investment was last year when I purchased a silver plated copper unit in the UK, but the Yellow Label is far superior to everything I have tried and truly makes such a difference to my system.  Your claim on your web page - "Warning: listening to music using our cables can be addictive" - I think everyone should take note of this statement, as this is not just sales hype but is in fact the truth.  I highly recommend this interconnect to everyone who loves their music.

Thank you for making my music so addictive.


Roy - New Zealand

27 March 2003

Hi king,

I just wanted to let you know that I got the cables a couple weeks ago, and after letting them burn in for about 100 hours, they are truly awesome. They are every thing the reviews said and more. The first thing I noticed when I put them in the high end system, was the total silence from the speakers with my ear up against them with no music playing. With the other cables you could always hear a  low hissing sound, but with the TMC its like the system is not on. These cables have it all, with strong deep bass and nice airy highs. There is no need to compromise one for the other as with silver cables.

I was a little scared to bend them at first, but after I got over that, they just shaped right in place. The rear of my rack now looks like a work of art.

Thanks again ,


14 March 2003

 Just a quick note to let you know that the yellow label we made into the phono cable is outstanding!! I am  thrilled with the improvements over what was a much more expensive cable... the TMC is clean and clear, slightly more forward, and without any loss of the crucial midrange... Just wanted to say thanks again, and keep up the good work!


T Fossett

14 March 2003

 Got the interconnects last Friday. Was able to set it up on my system, and gosh...it's a major improvement over my MIT Terminator 2 interconnects. Wonderful cables, thanks. I will leave you a positive feedback , so others may know what wonderful cables these TMC's are.

A Cham

We first received contact with 'Mike' thru this e-mail
19 December 2002

I am a manufacturers' rep in metro NY for various lines as Avalon Acoustics, Snell Acoustics, Lexicon, etc.,  additionally, we represent many  pro manufacturers as well.  Please visit our website, www.jbacompany.com, to learn more of my company.
We are planning on using your cables in our demo room, thus offering you some degree of exposure to customers and other manufacturers.  We are using a Cortese in our system and have become very friendly with Mick at Supratek.  He is the one who suggested we try your cables.

Regards, Mike Oltz, VP

Mike then ordered approx us$2500 worth of cable
After a while we received the email below

11 February 2003
King, just wanted to drop you a line to tell you how much we are enjoying your cables! As I mentioned to you in a previous email, I replaced an all MIT Oracle cabling ($15K+) system with your cables and to date have not even wanted, I repeat WANTED, to put the MIT's back in. Never in my experience of auditioning cables have I not gone back to my reference MIT's cables and stayed there. From day one, The Music Cables portrayed such a neutral, yet detailed and WELL-BALANCED presentation that I (and others) have just sat back and enjoyed the music.

The final straw (for the MIT's) came when I received my Spectral DMC30S from the factory after it was upgraded and I inserted it into the system with YOUR cabling, not the MIT's that both Spectral and MIT recommend. The Sonics were superb. Yes, I know that the Spectral upgrade was a large part of the improvement, but without your cables being able to transmit (convey) all the information in a musical way, I would not have been so taken back. I am please to say that The Music Cables are now our new reference cabling.
Please feel free to use me as a reference and I would be more than happy to speak with any potential customers on your behalf.
I will be needing some more cabling and will contact you soon.

Mike Oltz

24 October 2002
I started with TMC Yellow label interconnects, and now my entire system from interconnects to speaker cable is TMC and I recommend them to all my friends. What more can be said?
Transparency. As King says, you just hear the music, not the cables.

Joel, Reston, VA USA

7 October 2002
Like many other reviewers here I am using all TMC cables in my system now. I have to say their entire cable product line brings highly musical sound, and I cannot recommend more.

I've tried many other cables before and after I got TMC, those cables all got favourable reviews, all cost more, all sounds good, but I end up staying with TMC and selling all other competitors.

For those who doesn't have TMC, put aside $100 () and give yourself a try, for those who are already TMC, don't buy another cable unless you wish to spend thousands. I lost enough money buying new cable and sell them 24 hours after comparison with TMC (all cables cooked by professional machine so there's run-in problem).

Best @200 I spent in my system, my audio gears come and go, TMC cables are the only ones that stay for two years!

Yingtong Gao, from NY.

9 September 2002
I've been promising King I'd get to this, so here it is. Since first trying out TMC cables on a whim about a year ago, I have outfitted my entire system with them... and haven't worried about wire since!

Cables make a difference, don't let anyone tell you otherwise. The trick is finding a cable that fits your system without costing twice your front end.

I tried TMC purely by word of mouth and the reviews posted here. Simply put, I don't think you can do better for 2-3x the price! I listen to primarily jazz, so acoustic presentation, truth of timbre, and clarity are vital. I get all of this with TMC. I had some very pricey Cardas (and others) that TMC either equalled or bettered! Mids are fantastic, bass is taught and firm... bass notes are just that, and not a collection of low end thumps. Voices (and guitar and piano) are wonderfully presented... check out some Jeff Buckley or Bill Evans and you will so notice a difference. The yellow lable is my preferred choice... both for amp-pre and for source components. It takes awhile to break in, but gives a sonically whole presentation of all the many kinds of music I listen to. The white lable are also terrific, and I use them on my tuner, and am hoping to get a phono cable made from one.

Bottom line -- they're too cheap not to try, and when you do, you'll be ever so glad you did!
TimF, from NC

11 September 2002
This is more a follow up to my lengthy yellow lable review. First look at these cables may have you sceptical... spades are less than beefy... BUT, after you listen, you really won't care. These cables are truthful, and wonderfully present. I got these to round out my system with all TMC, and replaced some much more expensive and highly touted cables. Since then, I have switched out to more expensive cable, but continually return to TMC! The music is there... all of it. You can get better, but be prepared to move WAY up the price chain. Midrange is especially coherent. The very ends of the extremes get ever so slightly frayed, but really, you'll need to approach 1G before you hear significant change. Great cable, and very much worth the 5/5 rating.
TimF, from NC

12 December 2001
Let me start by saying I was in no way influenced to write this review. I installed the yellow lable cables in my car. I taught it sounded pretty good. As they were difficult to bend I removed them and went with a cheaper brand, Audiobahn professional series. I could not believe the diiference in the sound. I even in stalled a pair of the white labels cables. I must tell you there was no comparison. The yellow label cable opens up your music like you would not believe. Here is the kicker. I have and adcom GCD-575 cd player with a Mt500 carver amp, JBL L7 towers. Beleive it or not my car stereo sounds better than my home stereo!!!! I cant imagine want will happen when I upgrade to some CDT audio components. These cables get what ever rates above an A+, Superior!! I am not a professional writer so I hope my reveiw stays!!

Myron, Goose Creek SC

1 September 2001
Well after almost two months I have finally come around to A/B this vs. the White label on my Cary CD player. Originally I thought that the White Label was a better cable, however the Yellow just takes a bit longer to burn in. The White label sounds terrific after only a couple of hours while the Yellow label still sounded a little bit harsh until further burn-in. After doing an A/B comparison of the two I find that the Yellow is more dynamic and resolute in my system while still maintaining the smoothness throughout the music spectrum. It actually depends on the quality of your system, the difference may range from subtle to quite noticeable. They are both very very good cables that compete with others that are much more expensive. (I actually preferred the White in my system to the Audioquest Diamond Hyperlitz that an audiophile friend loaned me) He loves the Yellow and will use it on his CD player. I will keep the Yellow on my CD player and have just moved the White to my tuner. I will be adding another White label to my Lehmann Black Cube. I also have the TMC speaker cable. My advice is to buy the 2 pack (Yellow and White) and try them in your system, unless you are on a tight budget. In that case spend the extra bucks for the Yellow. All I need now is to get a 5 meter Yellow for my pre/amp to amps! What more can I say? These may be some of the most musical and natural sounding cables regardless of cost!

Roy Locke, from N.J.

18 September 2001
I am enjoying the White Labels in my system between my CD Player and Preamp. They are the best interconnect I have ever heard or used (and I have used A LOT), and I expect only great things when I insert the Yellow's between the Power and Pre. My system sounds so good right now - if this improves things any more I may have to quit my job to listen to music full time!

Kevin Boxma, Canada

13 September 2001
Just hooked the speaker cables up, and have the Tantric CD blaring now in the living room -- bi-wired to center, and the high side of bi-wire to Studio 60's (with Transparent Music Wave Supers on the low side!), and even with only 5 minutes on them they sound fabulous. I've now replaced pretty much the entire audio side of my system with TMC, and it sounds great.

Jim Prillaman, USA

11 September 2001
I must admit that I like your cables. The are neutral and detailed. They are similar in character to XLO signature ($600) and even have a bit more body in the mids, but in comparison to my reference Wireworld Gold Eclipse or PAD Colossus silver cables (-much more expensive) (they reveal less refined mids in terms of some "3d light thrown on the instruments" and little less voices magic). But I didn't expected the miracles and I am very satisfied from your products. They do not introduce anything bad into the signal chain and this is very rare in the cable market. I will use them with my active tube crossover with no regrets that I could buy another Colossus or gold eclipse. The difference in price will enable me to upgrade my all capacitors for silver foil Ultra-Tones or Jensen or Auricaps in my CD player, preamp and maybe even in tube mono blocks. Thank you for excellent service.

Marcin Wasilewski, Poland


27 August 2001
I got the cables today- I put them in my system- biamped 6B4G SE and 211Se amps from my preamp . Pretty bloody good! I'm not big on tweaking- design is 80% of sound IMO but the difference was instantly audibly better and that is the only guide of a worthwhile product. What really impressed me was the "blackness", or the definition between the music and the background- my system sound much quieter. Also "quicker"- with the leading edge of passages clearer. Maybe it is a fraction bright, but could be just clearer and may take a while for me to get used to it. I'll leave them in for a couple of days and then take them out- that will show me just how good they are.

After break-in and continued use I'm very impressed and use these as reference interconnects.

Mick Maloney
Supratek Triode

Western Australia

24 August 2001
The TMC cables beat my expectations. They sound really neutral especially if you used FULL TMCs (RCAs and Speaker cables). First I pulled out my RCAs from DAC-Preamp and replaced them w/ TMC white/yellow cbls. I could not noticed any differences, big deal...so I replaced the whole cables in the system with TMCs. The result was remarkable. My conclusion : Probably I am not "Mr. Golden Ear" so I couldn't distinguish the sound when I replaced only 1 set of RCA; but SURELY I could tell that TMCs are good by changing the whole system to TMCs. These TMCs will give you their maximum capabilities when used together. (I'm sorry, but..) I don't think TMCs are the BEST cables in the world. If you could spend FIFTY times as much as TMC, then you (probably) will get the best cables in the world. BUT....if you're looking for the highest quality to price ratio....I will vote for TMC!!!!! These cables are the cables that will make you proud in front of somebody who owns five grand cables ::))

Willy Rahardjo, USA

13 July 2001
I upgraded from a $2000 amp to a $6000 amp,  but it was the TMC cables that made the biggest improvement.  Cd's that I thought were just lousy recordings, suddenly sounded great,  I never dreamed that it was my cables holding me back.  This is a big complement because when it comes to improving the sound of my system the bar was pretty high to begin with, but your cables did it!   In fact my reviews will say that I doubt whether there is anything that I will ever do to my system again that will ever give me that much of an improvement in sound quality.  Thank You so much.

Rick Urban, USA


9 July 2001
Good Day Gents: A couple months ago I purchased your splendid yellow cable. You were great to deal with and I planned on sending you a review sooner, however my vintage McIntosh amp burned out a capacitor right after I ordered your yellow cable. I guess Murphy's Law works down under also....

Listening reviews are so subjective so here is a little background first. I am 57 years old, I had a hearing test a couple years ago and the doctors say I have excellent hearing, for my age. I played a trumpet for 30 years and my son has played the drums for 20 years. Both of us have played with several bands and orchestras, non professionally, but some good groups. My profession was Photojournalism. I have covered hundreds of concerts and many recording sessions in Nashville, TN, the home of Country Music. I have also covered recording sessions in New York city. I have a trained ear for music.

Review: I use the yellow interconnect between my amp/pre-amp. I did a A & B test with the cable I had been using, a Monster 950 I. I installed the TMC cable so that I could burn it in for a couple hours. I played a tape in my Nakamichi deck for the burn in session, but had no intention to use tape for the listening test. SURPRISE & DELIGHT, I was paying little attention to the music at this point but the sound stopped me dead in my tracks. I suddenly realized that I was hearing  the top end far beyond what I had ever heard from that deck. I tried a couple other tapes of very high quality and to my amassment, the upper end extension is at least 2000 Hz beyond what I though the deck was capable of. The CD I used for the serious listening test was " Trumpet Spectacular. " Doc Severinsen and the Cincinnati, Ohio Pops Orchestra. This is a very high quality recording made at Music Hall, excellent acoustics, in Cincinnati, Ohio. I am also very familiar (with) Doc, having covered him live on several occasions and I have been to Music Hall in Cincy many times. Well, it's all been said before in other reviews I have read, but this cable is amazing. The LOW END is deeper, richer, with fantastic clarity. The Monster 950 I is not in the same league. The Monster's base while deep, it lacks the definition and it booms at you. The MID-RANGE is outstanding. I can hear something I have never heard before on any system. At one point in the recording, I can hear saliva flowing through Doc's horn.  I know that sound well, I have blown lots of saliva out the spit valve, in my life. Your yellow cable is almost neutral, it does not add or take away anything, just plain honest, in my opinion. The HIGH END extends more then ever before on my system and what a pure sound. This cable is a remarkable achievement, my JBL Professional Studio Monitors have never sounded so good before. Oh yes, I want to mention I now have a wider sound stage than ever before and the depth also amazing. This cable has Slain the Monster!

Michael Coers, USA


1 July 2001
I replaced my Cardas Quadlink to The yellow cable and said  Good Bye to Cardas. The yellow is  the most great cable I have ever listened. 

Thank you, King !  The Cable is really KING of cables ! So I  decided to request another yellow cable(1.0m). 

Sorry for my poor English . Thank you.

Mitsuo Kondo, Japan

17 June 2001
Just got your first anniversary email notice, which reminded me that I had not corresponded with you since receiving and installing my White Label interconnects back in February. Sorry, but I've been way too busy enjoying the music! After a break-in period, it became obvious that these cables were exactly what I was looking (and listening) for. They seemed to provide better pace and rhythm, compared to the Transparent (Link 200?) cables I was using, with the same bass authority and ease of presentation that the Transparents had. Up till now, I had compromised between those characteristics of the Transparents and the liveliness of the Kimber PBJ's.

I have the White Labels from Rotel 971 CD player to Conrad Johnson PV-12 preamp, and from the preamp to CJ Premier 11 amp. Musical heaven!

Thanks for a great product.

Jack Pritting, USA


21 May 2001
King I got some quality banana adapters and I have listened to these cables for the past week now, my system runs 24hours a day, so they've had some break-in time.  I've listened critically about 15 hours to them and many more as just music playing while I'm working on the computer.

Compared to the MIT Terminator 5 which I was using these are exceptional sounding, or should I say "not sounding" as I became very aware of the "dark presence" the MIT put on the sound.  Granted, these are 3 times the price of the MIT Terminator 5's, I would say they are very much worth the difference. The sound of the music is much more open and alive, and I say this is different than "bright sounding". "Bright sounding" is fatiguing, and these TMC cables are not fatiguing in the least to listen to music with.

I can heartily endorse these cables to anyone who would be willing to listen to them.
So I noticed an improvement in the sound of my system when I introduced the White Label Interconnects (still using the MIT Terminator 5 speaker cables) and a further improvement when I added your speaker cables.

Great work!

Rick McIntyre, Canada

18 May 2001
I have been using your cable, tmc white, for about 30 hours now, the sound is incredible. Soundstage, imaging, noise floor, everything is cleaner, clearer, more musical. I am sure it gets better from here. I plan on TMC cables throughout my system. You have convinced me........

I am very impressed with your company's product, prices, shipping, and service. Keep up the good work. Thank You

George Muncey, USA


12 April 2001
I can only say that I`m more than pleased with the sound of your cables. In particular the bass is remarkable: at specific CD`s it pins you against the wall!! Furthermore very detailed soundstage, the image is like 3 dimensional, once you are in the right mood/relaxed and you close your eyes you can imagine were the instruments are placed on the stage. A 3rd thing is that I "hear" sounds/details that were not noticeable before, I mean the resolution of very fine details which are now independent from the remaining sound. (Certainly my hifi equipment is very good but the performance could be only improved further through your cables!!) In my report I forgot to mention (and you may add it to my report on your homepage) when I unpacked the cables I stated you immediately recognize the far deeper bass but the other thing was that even at lower volumes I had more fun. Before and with my old cables at these lower levels of loudness you missed something. This also improved dramatically! Anyhow thank you again for your state of the art service and the brilliant cables you manufacture.

Oliver Kruss, Germany

24 April 2001
I will be ordering the Whites as soon as I can win an Audiogon or Ebay auction- I didn't think my Dynaudios could sound any better, but was I ever wrong-the bass improvement is nothing short of incredible. I have a pretty nice sounding system as it is, with a McCormack amp and pre-amp and a YBA cdp, but the addition of the Yellows simply needs to be heard to be believed.

Wow. Thanks for a great product!

Steve Buck, USA


12 April 2001
Surfing the Internet I discovered the top rating and the reviews for the TMC cables and decided to give them a try. At first I like to mention that I had a little struggle with myself to buy cables which I didn¨t have heard before but again all the reviews were that good that I believed in TMC¨s statement: Listening can be addictive! In addition to this there was the money back guarantee if I want to send them back. I also like to point out that the service of the TMC people was outstanding, very friendly and prompt reply! After two weeks the cables arrived and I unpacked them. All three cables (the white, yellow and gold label) looked very good (like an poisonous exotic snake skin). I started 1st with the gold label, hooked it up and sat down... the 1st thing was a by far deeper bass compared with my old cables and a slightly extended stage, for right out of the box a remarkable experience. Then I wired the rest and the sound was pretty good. I allowed the cables about 60 hours to break in and then wow - I was totally impressed. They improved further, the bass remained unchanged deep and strong, the soundstage was wider, and the heights and the midrange were superb! When closing my eyes I could imagine the band in my living room - not only them being there also the arrangement and different locations of the instruments. The sax or guitars were so crisp and clear, so many details to hear which I had not listen to so well before.

To sum it up: absolutely remarkable cables for an affordable price. Give them a try you won¨t regret it ´´ listening to TMC cables can be addictive!

Oliver Kruss, Germany

12 April 2001
i have been a cable aficionado of sorts over the years. these interconnects are INCREDIBLE!!  i never imagined cable could do so much for a system.  thanks for a terrific product.  sooner or later these will be discovered and you will sell them by the cartload.  they are in another class from any other interconnect i've tried and i've tried them all.

artie, USA


15 February 2001
Yesterday I received the truly balanced cable I ordered from you about 10 days ago. I quickly removed my Audiotruth Emeralds and plugged in your cables.  Sat down and listened.  In the back of mind, I hoped that I had not made a mistake buying cables without hearing them in a store or reading any review from the audiophile community.

What I heard immediately was a lifting of a veil. Not a subtle difference but a very noticeable one with more of the detail in the music instantly available. My partner, a non-audiophile also listened and remarked how much more musical these cables were.

While my equipment is modest by most audio standards (Monarchy M33, Monarchy Delux 100 Monoblocks and my old Acoustat 2+2), I could not help be amazed how the insertion of a cable brought new life to my system. In a word, amazing.  I will not try to provide a rich vocabulary of words that reviewers use to describe audio components - but simply say - the product name is aptly chosen as they are truly musical and dare I say affordable.

Larry Sawchuk, Toronto Canada

13 February 2001
Yesterday, I received the Yellow interconnect cables that I had purchased through e-bay about 1 1/2 weeks ago.  You had asked that I notify you when they arrived.  Last night, my wife and I played a piano piece on CD.  What a dramatic improvement.  We sat there and could visualize the piano in front of us as we could hear the placement of the piano keys within the soundstage.  For example, the higher notes were just to the left of the mid range notes which were just to the left of the lower notes just as they are placed on the piano.  The piano sounded very realistic and natural, especially the lower midrange down to the lowest notes played.

Thanks for making a great product and the timely delivery.  I look forward to many hours of listening to good music.

Dan Olinger, USA


10 January 2001
I recently had the good fortune of purchasing a pair of TMC Yellow Label Interconnects. As I opened the box, I was amazed at the construction of this very attractive interconnect.   Stiff, but very manageable, very interesting I thought. Then the moment I was waiting for... hooked them up from the preamp to amp,
and WHOA! right out of the box, open, spacious, detailed, I was am still am very impressed. I am currently waiting on a pair of White TMC's for one of my three CD transports. One thing I did notice was,  believe it or not, the more hours used, the better they get. I must have 10 pair on interconnects from various manufacturers. However, they all will have to go... I am impressed...

JG, St. Louis, MO. USA

15 November 2000
the Gold Reference cables are GREAT . . . . very dramatic improvement over my Transparent Music Wave Supers.  (These are $1000+ cables!!)  The music just had more clarity, detail and punchVery lively and engaging . . . no fatigue after listening to everything under the sun for about four hours Sunday . . . . jazz, blues, R & B, rock . . . . a very good sign when a cable can make everything sound the way it was meant to be . . . . musical . . . truly felt like if the artist was sitting there that they would have been happy hearing their stuff sound like that through a stereo versus live.  Sounds corny . . . . but true for me.  There is a definite "quiet" that comes over the system when your wired up completely with TMC interconnects and Gold Reference Speaker Cables.  I am sold . . . . Great job on the product.

Hahadad2, (USA) Audiogon Bidder


8 November 2000
I originally got these to replace the cables on my DVD player.  When I got home last night I wanted to hear how they sounded on my CD player so I replaced my silver Hyacinth cable with yours, sat down and pressed play. All I have to say is you got to be kidding me, I don't deserve these cables!!  I listened for two hours last night and it felt like a guilty pleasure, one word comes to mind MUSICAL-NONFATIGUING-BRILLIANT!....

Ok I think you can tell I'm nuts about these cables I just can't believe how good they are they're perfect!  They put my $225.00 per half meter Hyacinth interconnect to shame, your cables just seem to focus on the right things and just downright improve my experience listening to music.  I sound like a giddy boy and I am, you reduced me to that.  For someone who loves music and loves listening to music in the comforts of their own home your cables are gold- 24kt GOLD!

Guys, I don't have a preamp just a 40w per 2/channel amplifier, but if I did you better believe I'd get the Yellow Interconnect, I wouldn't think twice. What I have is the Denon D-M10 mini component system.  When I have the money I'll divulge in high-end separates but for now this is delivering modestly. It's really a great little system and I have Analysis plus oval 12's for speaker cables and they're doing the job nicely, Jees´ I'm rambling.  I put a bid in yesterday for another pair of the white interconnects on ebay.   If I get them I plan to give them to my dad for Christmas, he is also big into music.  Who knows, I may end up selling the Hyacinth and use the second pair of White TMC for the DVD player, all I know is the TMC will stay connected to my CD player for many many years to come.  You gentleman deserve much success and happiness, a heartfelt thank you to your establishment from Boston!!!

Jason Carr, (USA)

21 October 2000
Well, my friends were shocked when they heard your cables and even more so when they came to know about the price & that it's not even fully broken-in. Your cables were just smoother, sweeter & detailed in the highs & high-mids while at the same time having more punch, deepness and weight in the low-mids & bass. Also, it was easier to listen to your cables at very high volumes & for long periods without feeling fatigue. With your cables, the system warmer, relaxed when needed & aggressive when needed. It also was able to play with all kinds of music from jazz to pop to vocals to country and even heavy-metal. One thing very noticeable was that it made whichever component connected to sound more powerful, vibrant, involving and more sure of itself. Especially amplifiers, this component sounded more than what it was capable of, meaning that now a 200watt sounded double powerful. In comparison to the other cables in the system, the system sounded lifeless until your cables were placed, the system just woke up both for solid state or tube gears.

I came back from my friends place a very happy person. At his place we compared the White & Yellow IC's to the Straight Wire Virtuoso series and MIT 750 series which if I'm not wrong cost about US$995.

My friends are so pleased with the sound & not forgetting the looks that now, actually tomorrow, they'll be putting up their cables for sale and would be getting yours.

Thanks for a great pair of cables. Now my cables are with them as they just can't get enough of it!

Ramesh23, (Singapore)


27 September 2000
I can tell you that the imaging is exceptional, which suggests excellent phase response. The images are lifesize and not volume dependent. They have very good focus and great depth of field. The speed, bass impact and dynamics exceed what I thought my system was capable of. Detail retrieval is better than I thought possible. My only reservation is that it would not mate well with bright components, although I anticipate some softening of the top end as it breaks in. The best comparison I can make is to amplifiers. Inserting the Yellow Label is like going from a decent 75 watt amp to a 200 watt Krell, Mark Levinson etc. in terms of dynamics and presentation. Everything just opens up and comes alive. Which is why I am excited about getting the run to the amplifier. Well, actually I have active loudspeakers. Professional studio monitors, the Meyersound D-1 (www.meyersound.com). They are internally EQ'ed within 1 db from 40hz to 20khz. They are nearfield monitors which excel at imaging. Which may be why they responded so well to your interconnect. I will be very happy to recommend your product.

Frank_sloan, (USA)

27 September 2000
I was about to purchase a Harmonic Technology Silway II until the Yellow Label arrived. I had auditioned a number of interconnects, of them the Harmonic Technology was easily the best. Although I had successfully bid for the Yellow Label, I didn't expect much. Aluminum doesn't inspire confidence. After plugging the Yellow Label in, I sat back and was amazed. I switched back and forth a few times, not to A/B but to get a grip on what your interconnect had done for my system. It made the Harmonic Technology sound like a filter choking the life out of the music. The Yellow Label not only does everything better, but vocals take on a life I don't recall hearing in reproduced music. It is one of those gross equipment improvements that sound annoyingly exaggerated when described. I will add that your representations of the virtues of the Yellow Label are understated, quite unusual for a high end audio product. That explains my interest in another run.

Frank_sloan, (USA)


7 September 2000
I just want to write a few lines about your well built and good sounding cable. I have not had the cables long but, the things I first noticed is the soundstaging, musicality, and instruments sounding like instruments. I listen to a lot of jazz and a good cable will render the space and depth of the hall and position of the players. Your cable does this and they're not even broken in yet! Continue your outstanding work and most of all listen with your ears and heart. They will never let you down.

Pnb86, (USA)

24 August 2000
The cables are great and musical right out of the box!

Asl, (USA)

2 August 2000
Extended bass extension, fluid mids and an open top end. Very well made cables....

Hmcrrt, (USA)

27 July 2000
I got my final cable today and re-wired the entire system with your interconnects - yellow label between pre-amp and amplifier, and three sets of white label for the DVD, CD and Tape Deck. Wow! Very smooth, neutral sounding cables right out of the package.

Compared them against my Transparent Audio Supers and Kimber Hero interconnects. I got a reduction in the noise floor; (amp on 9 with all gear on) almost dead quiet. I was getting an audible hiss, faint but persistent, with my other cables. Mid-bass and midrange were very good - noticeable improvement once again. Probably the single biggest improvement was in the area of imaging - more detail and focus on the location of the instruments and depth of the mix.

These also worked well with the system in home theatre modes - DVD source.

The build quality on these is awesome - solid connectors and the jackets are built to withstand severe use. (or even abuse!)

Hahadad2, (USA)


25 July 2000
I never new what an interconnect can make a difference to my 10 year old Marantz component system until a friend loaned me a pair of TMC White Label Interconnects. Now I'm completely angered knowing what I've been missing all these years. I can hear different instruments now from different positions with great depth and very true sound. 

Before, I can only play my favorite CDs at a certain volume level because I get audible hiss but now it's extremely quiet even at a louder level - an experience I never felt before. I thought I need a very expensive system to achieve that.

Thanks, TMC for a great product. You just made me so happy. (Happy is probably an understatement.) Can't wait for the release of the speaker cable. Wait.... One more thing, I was playing around with the TMC cables last night and tried to connect it to my DVD Player video out to TV and guess what..... WOW! Even clearer and crispier picture.

TwoBits2000, (Philippines)

17 July 2000
More quiet background and a very very more detail and more warm. But the things that let me surprised is the big stage with a perfect position of all instruments.( pardon my non perfect english) am very very satisfied from your cable! it has crushed on a silver cable, and a great fight with the YBA Diamond !!!!.

When you put another auction? Above all yours yellow cable.... cable

Decibel, (Italy)

16 July 2000
Just this morning I received the cable!! I have listen it for one hour, and the first impression is... great stage!! more focusing and more warm. I have used it from converter to preamplifier.

I think it goes better with time. Now I am too curious to prove the Yellow cable... Congratulations! With time I say you more.

Decibel, (Italy)


16 July 2000
I got the cables . .. build quality is FANTASTIC looking. . . very well packed and arrived in great condition.

Can't wait to try out your product, and thanks for the super service.


16 July 2000
Wonderful cable! Great Stage and focusing. Ship very quickly. Great Brand

Prosound, (Italy)

15 July 2000
WONDERFUL CABLE at an incredible price, easy deal with, HIGHLY RECOMMENDED A+++

Fatfat, (Canada)

6 July 2000
I received the TMC cable yesterday. Thank you so much for quick and safe shipment. I am satisfied with the cable.

...good communicator, quick & safe shipment, excellent cost to performance, AAA+++ 

GOLEE55,(South Korea)